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#443979 - 01/04/18 01:19 PM Re: Captain Russ music [Re: DonM]
DonM Online   elvis
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Haven't been able to locate it yet, but I will....
...and I did.

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#444030 - 01/05/18 03:30 AM Re: Captain Russ music [Re: DonM]
bruno123 Offline
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Russ, it doesn’t get much better. I like the guitar solos, I can relate to them.
Nice to hear your music/work, John C.

#444031 - 01/05/18 03:34 AM Re: Captain Russ music [Re: DonM]
Stephenm52 Offline
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Great stuff to say the least! I'm with Tony it's reminiscent of Chick or Fourplay.

#444033 - 01/05/18 04:43 AM Re: Captain Russ music [Re: DonM]
SemiLiveMusic Offline
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Cool, Russ. I am sure there is still work to be had, yes, but it requires the ability to compose well and not many people can do that. They might can play fine and dandy, but writing is another thing.
~ ~ ~

#444034 - 01/05/18 05:08 AM Re: Captain Russ music [Re: DonM]
jingleman Offline

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Nice guitar playing Wes....I mean Russ😉!

#444042 - 01/05/18 10:13 AM Re: Captain Russ music [Re: jingleman]
captain Russ Offline
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Ted, notice, Don added the link to the first rough (thanks, bud). Same structure, using all keys, major 7ths and a pretty strong walking left hand bass; at least in part of it. Neither of these are the completed scores; those are proprietary, and much more polished.

My enjoyment in being involved in creating lots of different kinds of collateral (broadcast and print) is how various projects interface.

In this case, for instance, this is the score for two films that will be the centerpiece of a $250,000.00 show booth at the National Home show, opening Tuesday of next week. The score is a key element of the films, which will play in rotation on two giant monitors. In addition, in 10 days we produced a "walk" piece, a two pocket folder, 20 product brochures, an invitation, padded entry blanks, three site signs, a postcard and lots of little "extras". The track is the glue that holds the entire effort together.

I just decided to drive the work down to Orlando Sunday, rather than UPS it, because I'm in the early stages or restructuring three social media sites and a blog for product releases. I'll do stills and video for those projects at the Show on Tuesday. Plus, UPS cannot guarantee early morning delivery, due to weather issues, and Damnit, this stuff will GET THERE! It is the backbone of the whole effort.

The home office in Italy has decided to used the score for other projects; possibly for broadcast, which brings more recognition, compensation and credibility.

Music has been very good for me...much more than a means to get tipsy and L***! (As I remember, that wasn't bad, either!).

In my early 70's I'm still anxious to get up and to work in the mornings.

Why not widen your horizons and explore what other music related opportunities are out there?

Be well, and thanks for putting up with my "ramblings".

Russ (old but still "kikkin") Lay

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#444077 - 01/06/18 01:58 AM Re: Captain Russ music [Re: DonM]
Nigel Offline

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I absolutely love this. It sure does make me think of Fourplay. What guitar were you using on this Russ, it sounds fantastic. The music is magic.

#444135 - 01/06/18 04:46 PM Re: Captain Russ music [Re: Nigel]
captain Russ Offline
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Nigel, chord vamps on a Fender Coronado with Electromagnetic pick-ups, similar to those on our Airlines. Swweetening with the Airline with a 12 string emulator. Solos on A Santana PRS, with humbuckers. Organ sound with a Guild Starfire with a Boss rotary sound emulator. Bass-P bass with a drop D. Other bass, a Godin acoustic/electric fretless. Percussion: Bongos (LP) and old Slingerland drum set I played in the 60's.

One track at a time: all in sequence. 8 tracks.

WHAT FUN! The final version will be much tighter, but I want to be careful to leave a little spontaneity.

Thanks, Nigel. If we were closer, you'd be playing on these with me.

Don, as always, thanks for the help. Because of our similar backgrounds away from music, I believe you understand this stuff better than anybody else.

Really appreciate the chance to "talk shop".


#444610 - 01/12/18 02:36 PM Re: Captain Russ music [Re: Dnj]
captain Russ Offline
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An update:

The track was for a history video to be played at a client booth at the Orlando National Home Builders Show. We had two monitors.

The show was to load in on Monday, the 8th, and run the 9th thru the 11th. At 4:PM on Friday, I got the news that, because of weather issues, I would have to pay next day air rates for a palate of paper (brochures, pocket folders, entry blanks, signs...all the little pieces that make things work), and delivery could not be guaranteed.

I was fighting off the flu big-time, but I got in a rental car , loaded up, and headed South. Stopped South of Macon after 11 hours of driving for a rest, continued at 8:00 in the AM and got to the convention Center at noon.

Placed the media, displayed the collateral material and headed back to Kentucky about 5:00 PM. After driving 5 hours, I stopped for a sandwich, continud for an hour, and stopped for the night. An hour later, I was leaning on the toilet with terrible problems...vomited so hard that I broke a rib. Somehow made it thru the night and got back on the road at 8:00 AM. Had a 10 hour drive in front of me. At noon, I'd had it. I stopped at a little town in Tennessee for what I thought was a 5 hour rest. Woke up at about 9:00 AM the next morning, sore as hell.
Made it to Lexington about 3:00 PM.

GOOD NEWS is, all participants, including top management of the Italian firm the work was for loved the collateral matetrial, Concept (we gave away a Vespa motor scooter to emphasize Italian quality) the two video's and want to arrange to use the music track for international productions.

In my business, that's a HOME RUN! It solidifies an expanded relationship with a long-standing, prestigious client, makes my contact look good and puts some really strong dollars (now and in the future) in my pocket.

This is why muic is so important to me. It was an integral part of the films and set the scene, mood-wise for the entire trade show and the company image for the future.

And that makes me feel GOOOOOOD! Here's a good example of great opportunities involving music if you look and work hard enough.


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