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#439064 - 10/14/17 11:48 AM Re: GENOS - read only sounds and styles? [Re: Bachus]
Eric, B Online   content
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Originally Posted By Bachus
Check out this video by Qui Robinez, he is a semi professional sound designer for the Kronos that recently got to own a pa4x

These sounds are created from scratch with the Pa4x synth engine, only using onboard samples..
Now with Korg, most people are asking money for what they create
Which is akin to how this world works

If it was Yamaha, then these kind of selfcreated voices would be shared with the community

Nice Demo.
I enjoyed that. wink
I used to fiddle with sounds way back when to create similar pad type sounds.
These days all I want to create is in the keyboard:
I change guitar sounds with different amps, change some of the Saxophones to make them a little grittier. Reverb, Echo, but that's about it.
We are talking about arrangers and the back bone of arrangers are styles. Lets face it. Otherwise we would by a Synth.
The style editing is more than sufficient for my needs.
As Gary said: The new Genos has 1600 sounds in it.
For most players this is more than enough.
There are very few people that enjoy and need more deep editing like Bachus and Mirza.
Most players don't care. Lets face it.
They want an arranger, turn it on, play and wow yourself and your audience.
And today's arrangers certainly can do that.
Most of us hang out on several forums. And the number of people that want/need deep editing are very few.
Most people are very happy with what they have.
I for one feel very blessed to live in times like these with all the amazing tools available to us.
We certainly have come a loooong way since the first arrangers.
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#439078 - 10/14/17 05:34 PM Re: GENOS - read only sounds and styles? [Re: Uncle Dave]
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When I owned Yamaha PSR keyboards I had to edit the piano sound to work well in mono, through my Bose. I hated the way it sounded out of the box.
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#439083 - 10/14/17 07:08 PM Re: GENOS - read only sounds and styles? [Re: Uncle Dave]
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We all did, Dave. It was a heavily stereo massaged sound that Yamaha produced, and in stereo it sounded fantastic. However, those of us that used the Bose PAS system, you and I, in particular, tried everything to make it sound as good in mono as it did in stereo. Unfortunately, the only thing that worked was to create a new voice/sound based upon Yamaha's original, mono, grand piano sound, which was very good to begin with, but needed a bit of help with the newer styles. Fortunately, this was very doable using the keyboard's onboard voice creator program, which is still available on most of the new keyboard, but under a different name. It was very easy to use, quite user friendly, and many of the PSR-Tutorial members produced some fantastic voices, especially Eileen, who resides and still performs in the UK.

Yamaha voices/sounds are very complex to make from scratch, just as their styles are. My friend Michael Bedesem has stated this many times, and he is a computer genius when it comes to the complexity of Yamaha software.

Here is a link to some of the mono piano voices I created, plus a neat guitar and velvet sounding sax. One of my deceased friends, an award winning sax player, and prior synthzone member once said "If I could get my tenor sax to sound that good, I would have been playing every night of the week." He was referring to the sax sound I created for the PSR-3000.

Yamaha voices.

All the best,

Gary cool
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