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#438597 - 10/06/17 03:34 AM Which SSD to use in Ketron Audya ?
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I know there are some threads relating this theme, but I did not found the answer :-)
Nowadays SSDs are not very expensive. There are several options for Audya, there is an replacement kit from ketron and also variants from AJAMSONIC.
But beside of this, my task is simpler. I only want to migrate my system to a NEW modern SSD. It is clear, there are copy protection systems for AJAMSONIC or Pendrives, but I only want to install a default system (have the 5.0a factory available).

Why a new SDD ?
I suspect my SDD starting to fail, as I experience problems the last weeks. Maybe they have nothing to do, but suddenly duplicated datas and errors when I check on a windows system makes it at least suspicious.

Nowadays a modern SDD has very good garbage collection and error correction capabilities. So I plan to buy a SSD around 128 or 250 GB (f.i. Samsung 850EVO) and leave the rest for overprovisioning, as still an Audya is not able to format with more then 80GB.

What I think is extremely bad, that it seems, formatting is a must to be done with the Audya itself. I tried to allign my system drive for SSD, but after this I got the feared "init phase error".

The problem with AUDYA OS is the lack of support for SSD what leads to an accelerated wear out of the drive, even more on older SSDs. As the newer distributed write algorithms combined with overprovisioning (SSD size - used size) means the wear out on the SSD will become notably reduced - at least I hope.

I really hope (but I do not believe) Ketron will include support at least for alligned and preformatted partitions to reduce the unneccassary wear out of SSDs.

What do you think ? Any ideas or hints ? Does anybody know if it is possible to use an alligned SSD in an Audya ?
Or does anybody have a tipp, which SSD might depend as little as possible from the used OS

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#438638 - 10/06/17 01:00 PM Re: Which SSD to use in Ketron Audya ? [Re: SigiZ58]
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You can get a genuine SSD from Ketron and this is the option I strongly suggest. They are more expensive than standard consumer grade drives though. Initially they used a Transcend Industrial SSD which has now been discontinued. They now use Cervoz Momentus Series.

You need to remember the drives on your Audya are being used quite heavily because the audio data streams in real time. If its for home use you dont have to be too concerned, but if you plan to use your keyboard live then you should probably buy the correct drive via Ketron and ignore the next paragraph.

You can use a cheaper consumer grade SSD but make sure you have backups of everything. I have tried Kingston, Transcend and Kingspec - none of the ones I tried work properly and either the DISK LED is stuck on RED constantly or the drive is not detected at all, even adding the cable jumper does not work. Zenho drives work but you need to modify the cable otherwise the Audya does not register the drive.

The Transcend drive Ketron supplied until recently is a 64gb TS64GPSD330. If its not this number (or possibly the TS128GPSD330) it will likely not work - i know from experience. You should be able to use the 128gb version, but the keyboard will format the drive to 80gb. If you are able to find the correct model number (unlikely) you will need to modify the Audya IDE cable. Once you have done so you will not be able to use your original hard drive unless you have a spare cable (these are not easy to find either)

The new Cervoz Momentus drive is not available to the public as far as i am aware. The cable does not need to be modified for this drive and is a drop in replacement.

Official drives are preloaded with the factory data.

When changing Hard or SSD drives, any USB updates purchased and installed on the original drive will no longer operate and you will need to contact Ketron for assistance.


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