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#432393 - 05/28/17 02:09 AM Review on "AjamSonic Super Gold Style Package"
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This week I installed the Ajamsonic Super Gold Style Package on my SD40.

Have to say that I am very disappointed about the quality of this Package.

Promised are "166 New Professional Styles".

All I see are Styles from previous Ketron-Products, like SD1, X1, MS-series.
Lots of Styles are already present as Factory-Style, but a little revoiced and re-saved as a User-style...

"328 New Audiodrums"

Exactly 4 (yes, only four) of these so-called "New Styles" have Audiodrums. All the other have Midi-Drums...
WHERE ARE THESE 328 NEW AUDIODRUMS ???????? Am I missing something here ???

"90 New Voices (SD7, SD9 & SD40 Only)"

To be honest, they are more than 90 voices, but to call them as "New" ???
These Voices are already present in the SD40, but a little tweaked, or added a second-, or/and third-voice, and re-saved as a User-Voice.
Lots off voices are raped by adding wrong second and third voices to them, totally not matching with the original Voice.

In my opinion, this Package is pure "Peasant fraud", and only designed to make "Easy money" on the back of customers.

I have no complaints about the service giving me by the Musicstore where I ordered.
Ordered on 23 may, and delivered by courier on 24 may. That's really fast. I am also aware that this Musicstore is not responsible for the content of the Super Gold Style Package !

I am really very disappointed...

AJ, please feel free to react.


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#432448 - 05/28/17 05:39 PM Re: Review on "AjamSonic Super Gold Style Package" [Re: Ketron User]
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We are unhappy to find out that you are disappointed with the quality of the SD40 Gold package which many others accept and appreciate.

The quality of both the sounds and styles are properly demonstrated in the demos on our website and customers (like you) have the option to check out these demos BEFORE purchasing the package for themselves so as not to feel 'cheated' as you insinuate above.

With feedback from you and other customers who share in your opinion, it is our hope that the next package released will hopefully be one that will address your needs as well.

Thanks for your feedback,
Design Engineer & Product Specialist.


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