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#429725 - 03/10/17 07:43 PM End of Evening Sign Off
Jerryghr Offline
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We end our evening with "The Party's Over". Similar to Bobby Darin's "The Curtain Falls." I love that song.
The singer has added her own lyrics to the song.

She usually has some funny words of wisdom...... People in Glass Houses, ..........Driving Home........., If you enjoyed us tell all your friends about or band "Take-2, if you didn't like us then we are XXXXX band.

Sometimes we play Lawrence Welk's Adios Au Revoir Auf Wiedersehen with her blowing bubbles. It usually brings people up to the stand to tell there Welk stories which makes packing up longer.

Looking for more funny sign off quotes, since we play at the same restaurant weekly.




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#429727 - 03/10/17 10:04 PM Re: End of Evening Sign Off [Re: Jerryghr]
DonM Offline
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I tell them, "It's time for me to go home and play with the baby's momma."
Sometimes I tell them "If you have been drinking and intend to drive, don't forget your car!"

#429731 - 03/11/17 03:13 AM Re: End of Evening Sign Off [Re: DonM]
bruno123 Offline
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I never played The Party is Over, everybody was using it as a goodnight, goodbye. I played the song “Smile” slowly – After four bars of the song I thanked for coming, told we were glad they enjoyed the music, and that we looked forward to seeing them again. Without any hesitation we played an upbeat song like The Saint go marching in, or Ma Ma don’t allow no banjo playing in here. People became excited and started to dance to the upbeat song. Somewhere towards the end of the song I thanked them for coming as they danced out the door.

I invited them to the last danced of the evening—played a slow song – got them going again to an upbeat – they remembered us, no sad feelings as they left.

This was done with Weddings, Anniversaries, Parties in a catering hall. Not sure what would be effective in different types of venues.

John C.

#429734 - 03/11/17 05:10 AM Re: End of Evening Sign Off [Re: Jerryghr]
Dnj Offline
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Good Night Sweetheart by Vaughn Monroe

most people are sloshed by then and really don't care what you play as a last song and many have already left...give them quality music throughout the gig ,....get your pay and drive home safe & sober.

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#429736 - 03/11/17 05:26 AM Re: End of Evening Sign Off [Re: Jerryghr]
Bill Lewis Offline
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"Hit the Road Jack" followed by an MP3 of Looney Tunes "That's All Folks"

Or "Hey Bartender" and at the end I Thank everyone and tell I think I'll be back in the Winter because the boss told me "it will be a cold day before I play here again"

Or a big NY NY and get the dancers lined up for the kicks.

All good.
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#429741 - 03/11/17 07:45 AM Re: End of Evening Sign Off [Re: Jerryghr]
travlin'easy Offline
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I've been doing an upbeat rendition of Show Me The Way To Go Home for decades. Everyone knows the song and they're still singing it when I'm packing up my gear.

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#429744 - 03/11/17 08:42 AM Re: End of Evening Sign Off [Re: travlin'easy]
Dnj Offline
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Depending on the job I sometimes would finish singing a version of
Keely Smith's

"This is a Lovely Way To Spend An Evening"

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#429747 - 03/11/17 10:12 AM Re: End of Evening Sign Off [Re: Jerryghr]
btweengigs Offline
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After thanking them for being a great audience I will often make a "request" of them, then do "Please Don't Talk About Me" with Dixieland style.

#429750 - 03/11/17 10:34 AM Re: End of Evening Sign Off [Re: Jerryghr]
Jerry T Offline
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Most times, "Buona Sera" Louis Prima version, Sometimes, "S' Wonderful" "Saints go Marching in" up tempo ... Always try to end with an upbeat closer.

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#429754 - 03/11/17 11:08 AM Re: End of Evening Sign Off [Re: Jerryghr]
Uncle Dave Offline
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My oldies band ( I'm theYOUNGEST member - yikes, right? ) always uses "Goodnight Sweetheart, and I talk over the middle section, introduce the band, etc - but in my solo routines, I never follow any pattern. The end of the night has it's own, specific pulse, and I try to match my feel, with that of the room. Typically, I'll use "Home" or "Wonderful Tonight" but it's not set in stone. I never use a setlist, so I'd never plan an ending. If I think it'll go over, sometimes I'll be singing (Wonderful Tonight) "... it's time to go home, now ....." and then, just get up and leave the stage. It's not always appropriate, but sometimes, it's funny.
Often, at a large dance, or wedding - I'll gather all the crowd on the floor and ask them to surround the guest(s) of honer as we all sing "That's What Friends Are For" or "Seasons of Love" ... both are well received. Sometimes I end mellow, other times, upbeat, but always personal to the crowd.
(Plus, I like to get out quickly too, so the staff loves me!)
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