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#41504 - 02/20/06 07:06 AM Re: "Nice 'N Easy" Does It : My latest Song Recording
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Well Holy Cow, I havenít heard that expression since I was a kid when our grandparents lived with us during the depression of the thirties. Can you believe that my grandma said HOLY COW when Gramps finally got a job after five years of layoff from the National Biscuit Company. Holy Cow this and Holy Cow that when ever something seemed to surprise her. Me Gram used to drag me brother and me off to church in an effort to straighten us out, is what I figured. Thatís when and where I learned she got that expression from. When God delivered a whole nation of people out of slavery He gave them a few rules of conduct they should live by for a happy life and His protection. Holy Cow said God when He realized those people rejected His kindness and saw they built a Holy solid gold Cow for their protection. HOLY COW, said God in surprise, Holy Cow!!

Just had to remark on your expression of surprise Larry. I just havenít heard that Holy Cow thing for many many years.

I know I know! I got off subject again as per usual. As KN7 said in Bebopís Tyros ll e-mail post, ďOver the years, you have rambled on about nothing in many of your postsĒ. Well I guess thatís true. Even Ruthie confirms this but I tell her she got what she got because sheís the one that said for better or for worse. Iíll take what I get, she said, and she got it.

Well Larry and Walt, the reason I have been away for awhile was an exercise of discipline on my part. I found, thanks to Ruthieís suggestion, I might have become addicted to this forum. As usual old Ruthie was right. Withdrawal was hard. I now have overcome the addiction and will comment every now and then.

HOLY COW, old Gramps was an addict and didnít know it. Old Ruthie to the rescue again, bless her little heart.

Grandpa Doug
Grampa Doug

#41505 - 02/20/06 11:19 AM Re: "Nice 'N Easy" Does It : My latest Song Recording
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Thanks to all (including Grandpa Doug of course ) for your wonderful support and encouragement. - Scott

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