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#414603 - 01/14/16 08:06 AM Setting up: Panel Memory, DS card, and Favorite So
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In the past I used Panel Memory in expended mode to select a setup for a song. When playing for people getting to the next song was important; my method was using the Panel Memory.

My questions:
1- Which of the three do you use?
2-Why do you feel itís the best way to go?
3-What do you use the other two for?

Since I am setting up my recently acquired Kn7000 I am looking for some new ideas.

Thank you, your opinions will be appreciated.
John C. (Bruno 123)

#414616 - 01/14/16 11:27 AM Re: Setting up: Panel Memory, DS card, and Favorite So [Re: bruno123]
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I really like loading 20 Songs into Memory using All Custom Styles. Until fairly recently I didn't appreciate how convenient it is. It does take some setting up but having 20 Songs additional to the usual Rhythms at your fingertips is great.

However, I don't like any of the automated Music Style Arranger modes, they don't work for me. I like that they store registrations but I don't like the timing with which they swap registrations. So, if I'm using MSA as a registration 'device' I turn the automation on and off as I'm playing. That means that the registration can be recalled but pressing a Fill-in doesn't change to the next registration (because I'll have turned off MSA on the fly).

I have a set of Panel Memories with my favourite registrations, so that I always know where they are. When I'm playing live or for my own pleasure I change the Panel Memory Filters so that the tempo and rhythm do not change when I swap Panel Memory, so that I can use my favourite Panel Memory registrations with any Rhythm.

Generally, my Panel Memory Bank A is set up with small band combo sounds, such as pianos, vibes, jazz guitars etc. My Panel Memory B Bank has Big Band Sounds and my C Bank has Strings and orchestral sounds. If I want something else like organs or latin, I'll usually use MSA to recall a nice setting for the Rhythm and then turn it off. I'll change the instruments on the fly through the Song myself from there.

I'm aiming to get together sets of All Custom Styles for live work because when I do a gig (which is very infrequent these days) I'm usually playing for sequence dancing as well as a cabaret act. I don't find it to be an issue backing a singer using my panel Memories and quickly changing Rhythms. But I want to set up some All Custom Styles for the sequence dancing (some call it tea dancing?). The plan is to have 20 Rhumbas, 20 Slow Foxtrots, 20 Sambas and so on and so forth, so that there is plenty of variation in the instrumentation for the sequence dances. There are too few variations of Rhumba (or whatever) built-in to the instrument to keep me satisfied. Because if I'm playing for that sort of dance night they will want several Rhumba (or whatever) sequences and I will want them all to have some variety rather than using the same Style over and over.

That said, I use bass pedals and I don't really enjoy gigging without a drummer.

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#414653 - 01/15/16 03:43 AM Re: Setting up: Panel Memory, DS card, and Favorite So [Re: bruno123]
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Hi John and Mike.
I always and only use expanded mode in panel memory when playing solo...SD Cards are so fast at loading that the couple of seconds max involved means my audience barely miss a beat.
Every one of my songs that I play I have completely set up in Panel Memory sometimes running over from bank 'A' into bank 'B' where necessary; and every song is a seperate file in its folder.
Finally practically all of my styles are song specific rather than one of the standard rhythms which means that over the years I have searched for and converted files from the best of other manufacturers style files or converted midi files.
Roger M


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