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#40956 - 03/23/03 12:47 PM 7000 advice
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Well, I've owned every arranger made with the exception of not one Technics! I'm going to invest in the 7000. What supplemental info should I purchase to go along with a new product purchase. Where are the best prices for the supplemental material?
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#40957 - 03/23/03 01:53 PM Re: 7000 advice
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Great Choice Zuki There are two superb books available for the latest KN series, written by Alec Pagida. The first is called 'How do I do That', which, although it was originally written for KN6000/6500, the majority of the content still applies to the KN7000.
The second has just recently been published and deals mainly with the new features found on the KN7000. It also includes a CD which is jam packed full of extra styles from past KN series, demos and lots of other useful stuff.
There is also a companion video available with the second book.

All highly recommended to a new Technics owner.

One source of supply in US is

( Alec - small denomination notes are acceptable )


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#40958 - 03/23/03 02:29 PM Re: 7000 advice
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Willum, the cheque is in the post

#40959 - 03/23/03 02:44 PM Re: 7000 advice
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great choice of keyboard. Everyday as I discover new things about it, I feel more and more confident , that for once , I made the right choice.
I totally agree, Alec's latest book on KN70000 is great.
You won't have the hassle of trying to work things out for yourself as a lot of us did, prior to Alec's KN7000 book being released.
best wishes

I too, owned just about every brand of keyboard made including earlier kn's. roland, korg and yamaha and numerous synths

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best wishes

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