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#40561 - 11/05/99 02:40 PM KN6000 - WOW!
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I heard some music samples recorded from the KN6000 and it sounded great.

#40562 - 11/29/99 02:41 PM Re: KN6000 - WOW!
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Well..... please read all critics and complaints about the Technics KN6000 bugs, en especially the Technics attitude towards their customers...... this will change your opinion.
The Technics discussion (Greatwest music Canada) site is closed since too many people put critic messages on that site.
Really bad !!

Roel a happy X1 user !

#40563 - 12/03/99 04:46 AM Re: KN6000 - WOW!
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Hi there Roel,

Really have missed reading your postings on the Technics Canada Forum after you (traded?) your Technics KN keyboard for a Solton X1 keyboard.

I agree with you that the KN6000 has some serious problems and am concerned how Technics is handling it. Though the Solton X1 may be a great keyboard, I still "personally" prefer Technics Arranger keyboards (particularly the KN5000) over the Solton X1 for the following biased reasons:

1) Technics keyboard layout (both the buttons on the keyboard itself and on the color screen) make it "user friendly" and easy to navigate and change parameters on the fly. The learning curve was quick for me. I found the X1's interface awkward and confusing and I feel it would take quite a while to feel comfortable with it.

2) The Technics KN5000/KN6000's acoustic piano sound (which I play the most) is far more realistic sounding than on the X1. In fact it was the number one reason I purchased the KN5000 in the first place. In fact I own a 7 ft Steinway B acoustic piano and was amazed how closely the KN5000's piano sounds to my Steinway Grand.

3) I was very impressed by the X1's styles but for the type of music I play most (acoustic jazz-swing/big band-r&b blues), I think that Technics provides both higher quality and more options of these type of styles.

4) As I've mentioned in numerous other postings - What I really like MOST about the Technics arranger keyboards is Technics' Chord Recognition System in "Pianist Mode". Technics is the only brand keyboard (as far as I know) which can recognize when you play "rootless jazz chord" voicings (as a pro keyboard player would do when playing with real live musicians in a combo). By recognizing these pro type voicings, you can play and sound convincingly like a pro-pianist performing with a top rate combo (drums/bass) backing you up. When playing in such an "exposed" manner, the type of keyboard voicings you play against the bass line played by the "auto-accompaniment" really make all the difference between sounding "acceptable" and "totally professional".

5) So far (at least until I heard the recent reports about quality control problems in the the KN6000) the reliability of Technics KN Keyboards has been excellent. I have had my KN5000 for a year and a half and gig with it regularly and have experienced no problems whatsoever. Technics customer support is another matter. Only time will tell if/how Technics will solve the problems in the KN6000. I do not know the reliability or level of customer support of Solton (Italian?) keyboards. Roel, perhaps you can fill us in on that.

I guess the decision on which arranger keyboard is best suited for you depends a lot on the type of music you are into playing most. For Pop/Rock styles the Solton X1 is great. For jazz & acoustic styles I prefer the Technics KN keyboards.

Roel,since this Synth Zone forum is where we can express our "personal opinions" without being censored (because this is not a Manufacturer supported site), and because you and I are long time internet friends, I hope you didn't mind hearing my biased opinions. I'd really like to hear more about your experiences with your Solton X1.

Warmest regards,

- Scott


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