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#403543 - 06/16/15 09:35 PM Tyros 5 software/VST sounds
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If I wanted to put Tyros 5 SA2 quality software sounds on my desktop, where would I get them. When I look for individual sounds in software packages they dont seem right and are very expensive. I would also like to use Organ world quality sounds software. I had thought it would be a breeze but it does not seem to be so easy.
Any thoughts?

#403554 - 06/17/15 01:36 AM Re: Tyros 5 software/VST sounds [Re: tyroschuck]
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Hi Chuck

Arrangers are designed for the home player, therefore they are designed as easy play, so that you can just press a button and everything is done for you.

In the pro world (Except for basic work) this is the last thing that is required, as it means to customise a sound to your own personal requirements; you first have to remove what the manufacture has added for you. In addition programmable real time controllers are a must, which is something else arrangers lack.

If you are prepared to put a bit of work in, then you will soon start to realise how limited arrangers (Including the T5) are compared to workstations and software instruments.

Fortunately for you, SZ member Bachus is well ahead of you, as he has been using software for years, and also has a T5, so he will no doubt chip in with suitable options. (You can also pm him)

Organ Sounds
For Hammond (Plus some Vox and Farfisa voices) it has to be the VB3 by GSI, and for Classic, Theatre and Church, Hauptwerk is the way to go.

For the rest I suggest you look at complete packages like Garritan , Halion Sonic and Komplete 10

Hope this helps

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#403555 - 06/17/15 01:37 AM Re: Tyros 5 software/VST sounds [Re: tyroschuck]
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Many people bet their work on Kontakt but really is about the third party content that might make it the best sampler... The included sounds are good of course, but I think the wide variety of extra libraries makes it appealing to so many. And rightfully so.

There are many other options, but mainly it's about a "host" that will play some libraries of some kind. And these host can be Kontakt, UVI Workstation, SampleTank, Air Structure, Presence XT, to name only very few. This if we're talking sampled sounds.

On the other hand, look up for freebies, you might be surprised what you can find. There is a ton of them, some better than others. For instance

All in all, there are possibilities out there, but you just need to spend some time exploring. We're really living in a time of diversity!

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