Hello all,

I've been using a TOA KD-1 portable mixer/amp for many years. TOA has discontinued this amp and parts are no longer available. I've been keeping it going for the past several years by canablizing other TOA KD-1's I had to use for spare parts but it time to upgrade.

I'm looking for a similar mixer/amp and the only ones I can find are made by NADY. Models RPA-2, RPA-4 and RPA-6 (2, 4 and 6 channels).

Does anyone use any of these NADY amps? Are you pleased with them? Is their sound comparable to the TOA? A nice feature of the NADY's is that they are made with wheels and a carry handle which the TOA's never had.

Or does anyone know of another manufacturer that makes something similar? I know Roland makes keyboard amps but I don't care for the way they sound.

My preference is 4 or 6 channels with XLR and 1/4 inch ine inputs on each channel but would settle for 1 XLR/line input and the remaining 3 or 5 as line inputs. Also, it must be one piece.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.