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#397952 - 01/08/15 02:01 PM Problems after loading OS v1.2
tony mads usa Online   cool2
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I posted this on the KORG forum and have gotten no response:

I finally got around to upgrading to OS v 1.2, and after completing it I found a couple of problems:
1) I have changed the names of the 'Favorites' banks to coincide with the styles I have created in those banks such as Latin Styles, Jazz, Rock n Roll, Ethnic, etc. After the OS upgrade, I find that the names have reverted back to the factory names of Favorites 1, Favorites 2, etc.
Am I the only one with this problem? And why would an OS upgrade have to eliminate the names I have given to those banks?
The contents of the banks have not changed, only the names.

2) I've found is that some of the song names in the factory songbook do not coincide with the proper style. Below are a few song names, genre, BPM as shown in the 'Songbook' and the style that comes up when that song is selected:
A Hard Day/Night, POP, 148 'ROCK AND ROLL'
Another One Bites Rock 105 'ROCK THE CLOCK'
Besame Frequent Latin 90 'BIGGER BAND'
Cuando El Sol Ballad 68 'SOUTH SHUFFLE'

These are only a few examples - there are MANY others that seem wrong to me.
I would appreciate it if someone could check these songs in their songbook to see if the same styles come up.

Also, could someone check the song "All Me" in the Songbook" ? The style that comes up is "40's Big Band". In STS 1 the UP 1 voice is Grand Piano and the Left Hand voice (LOW) is Grand Piano and shows +1 as an octave indicator. HOWEVER, the LOW voice sounds like the low octave on a piano, and there is no 'Split' - I usually have the split set at A3, and that is what appears on the 'Split' screen.
I would like to know if the factory STS overrides the 'Split' indicator for this particular song.

Lastly, I have added many styles from other KORG kbs to the Factory styles. Especially in the case where an OS update is needed, is there a way to 'Save' all the styles in the 'Factory' banks and reload them after the update WITHOUT losing any of the styles I have added to those banks? My fear is that doing a 'Factory Restore' will just put the kb back to its factory condition, eliminating the styles I have added.

Hopefully, I have explained myself well enough., and I thank you for any help provided, and if anyone has any clues that I might have done something wrong with the update, please let me know.

AAARRRGGGHHHhhhhhh........ and NOW I find that all the harmony voices I put together are GONE !!!
t. cool

#397957 - 01/08/15 03:05 PM Re: Problems after loading OS v1.2 [Re: tony mads usa]
bruno123 Offline
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I have seen so many up-grade for Technics and Yamaha and each time I had to ask the question; “do I need them”. My experience with up-grades of any kind, PC or keyboard; is that if you are not thinking along the same lines as the creator of the up-grade you lose. Backing up all your work gives you a lot of room to error. I read in your post that you needed the up-grade, sorry you had a bunch of terrible disasters.

My SD card for my Kn7000 was full with everything I could think of, then came the disaster – While the keyboard was saving I shut the keyboard off. You know my wife called and I lost where I was at. (grin) The results; I did not lose any of my work or data but all the names were replaced by numbers. Aaaah!

Tony you are in for a learning curve. When someone complained about having to work my Mother-in-law would say, “Think of the money and not the work”. So think of how much knowledge you will have when you’re done.

I know, none of this helps.

Trying, John C.

#397959 - 01/08/15 05:58 PM Re: Problems after loading OS v1.2 [Re: bruno123]
tony mads usa Online   cool2
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smile ... thanks, John ... I had actually backed up my KB before doing the update, but I think one mistake I made was to not allow for the Factory styles, songbook, etc. to be backed up as well ... but I'm not even sure if that's the problem ...
You are correct about "thinking along the same lines", but that is difficult to do, and as I am sure you know, the instructions for saving data, doing the upgrade, and restoring data, are 'sketchy' at best ...
I have started going through my book and my custom songbook on the kb to make certain that the songs will correspond to the proper style settings ... something to keep me busy until the football games on Saturday grin ...
A further complication is that I had gotten a bunch of Christmas styles recently, and in trying to organize them along with other styles, I moved a lot of stuff around ... I have enough computer background to realize that when I place a style in a certain spot and 'assign' it to a song title, when I call up the song, the KB doesn't look for the NAME of the STYLE, but rather the LOCATION ... I forgot about that when I moved things around, and consequently now when I call up a certain song, there is a different style in that location ... rolleyes

So, I guess the bottom line is that I will try to go through and 'fix' as much as possible, at least to make sure the songs I rely on a lot are OK ...

Hope all is well with you ...
t. cool

#397997 - 01/09/15 12:07 PM Re: Problems after loading OS v1.2 [Re: tony mads usa]
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Hi John,
I always save my data to a couple of usb sticks.
I don't totally trust them.
I have one plugged in the back (R)
and one in the front (F).

Press Media Button
Save (tab)
"All" folder. This literally saves everything that is save able in the Korg.
I do one of these once a month or so, mainly if I've changed a mix of data in the keyboard. I usually just call it "All plus date".
Highlight "All"
Press "Save to"
Choose USB F or USB R or SSD-U ( for internal drive)

Where it says "New Name", Tap it & write what you're going to call it.
Press OK
Then it asks what sort of User Data, I make sure everything is ticked
( after all, as far as I'm concerned it's a SAVE ALL)

Press OK
& Yes
Takes a little while.
Then if you press "Load " tab, a .set folder with the name should then show up on your usb stick or internal drive.

(If for instance you just wanted song book & styles saved, untick the rest, but I wouldn't call it an ALL, come up with something that explains it)

Go back to Save tab.
Tap on All folder & open it.

Next , you get to individual groups of data.
Global settings, pads , styles etc.

You can for instance just "save" all your user & favorites styles or save your song book.
Highlight "Songbook"
Press 'Save To'
Choose Location USBF or etc etc
Press "New Set"
Name it ( I'd put song book, with the date) or unless you're going to keep songbooks for different gig's, put the gig name & date(whatever)
This only takes a few seconds.

Next level of open & save , becomes even more individual.
In styles, for instance, you can save a single bank of Favorite or user styles. ( a bank is up to 32 individual styles)
Instead of saving all 10 Favourites & 3 User Banks, you just save the one.
Same scenerio, pres Save etc etc

Last level is the individual style. You can load or save an individual style.

It's simply a case of opening, each layer of folders and loading or saving the item you want.

For instance, you've done a "Save All".
You've accidently deleted or overwitten one of your user styles.
You just go to your saved ALL on usb stick
Hilight it
Press Open
Hilight Styles
Press open
Hilight Favourites 1 ( or wherever your lost styles is)
Press open
Look thru the styles , highlight & load it.

I normally just do Save All's, or or a save of all the styles, whatever.
In your case maybe the the song book & performances.

The only time I bother to save an individual style is when I share it.

Saving too many small bits of data, only gets confusing.

The Songbook is a little hard to understand in the beginning, but it's really great!

This is how I work (not in the reach of my keyboard right now, so I hope I don't miss a step):
1. Choose an appropriate style and - if you like - configure the upper and lower parts
2. Go to Songbook, tab 2, New Song
3. Save the new song, giving it a recognizable name
4. Go to menu, make sure to "enable list edit"
5. Go back to your main songbook list, select the new created song. (!)
6. Select Add to list.
7. The (link to!) the song is now written to your favorites list. You can easily edit this list (sorting for instance) to make it your playlist (don't forget to SAVE the edited list... happened to me a few times). There is also a very handy tool available (Songbook Editor), to maintain the list on your computer.
8. Now, while your song is still selected (!), you can edit - if you like - your STS's, simply by selecting a performance (edititing it if you like) and then use Shift - STS button. The STS is immediately saved in your songbook with the selected song.

9. For pad editing: Disable "easy setting".
10. Go to tab "pads"
11. Choose the pads you like with the song
12. Go to songbook
13. Save entry, enable "current resources" (it took me a while to figure this one out).

The above steps may not be complete, but it gives you a hint how it works.
Once you figured it out, you will really love this feature of your PA; it is very powerful, flexible and handy.

Loads of success!
This was sent to me by Rikki(spelling)a woman that I first met on the Technics forum
Tony I found these sites helpful.

BIG POINT: After working through the problems I had on my Kn7000 the keyboard it was far better than before. It's the same in marriages: if you go through the conflict and you learn, the marriage got better. (I'm not sure where that came from,,,,, grin)

John C.


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