Hi all,

My respect for AJ just grows & grows!

Last night I stuffed up an AJAMSONIC style. I need this style urgently for our venue this coming Saturday.

This morning, 1st thing I sent an email to AJ informing him of my self induced dilemma. Less than 10 minutes later, even at over midnight in his part of the world, I received his response along with a new version of the corrupted style.

I say again, AJ is my Audya contact. All of you over here already know of all the things AJ did in the past giving me support & more over here in South Africa. And most probably I'm the only one with an AJAMSONIC Audya over here, yet I am in EXTREMELY good hands!

Take note all you Audya critisizers - I doubt any of you could say same about any other manufacturer. I get SUPER & SUPERIOR service & attention from AJ ALL THE TIME! Be it hardware or be it software, he is ALWAYS there for me.

Thanks again AJ for coming to my rescue so swiftly once again!

Make sure you'll fly forever!