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#38581 - 12/06/02 02:43 PM Another nasty virus
Bud Whipple Offline

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Just a word of warning,folks. There is something going around in email again that appears to wipe out your hard drive, forcing you to restore your operating system. When you contact this virus, the next time you turn on your computer, you get a black screen with a message that tells you "there is no operating system on this computer". Don't believe it. I fell for it once and went through the process of restoring the system files and everything else, and before I could connect to the internet, it happened again. That made me think a little, and I did a scandisk which showed everything to be fine, so I listed the C: directory through DOS and all the folders were still there. I tried a scanreg\restore and after a few moments, Windows popped up and everything was just as I left it. Apparently, this virus corrupts the registry files enough so the operating system files won't load, but doesn't delete the backup registry files, leaving us with a way out. This little setback cost me a week of reloading files, but never again. Now I've done like Alec and backed up all my files on CD's using Veritas simple backup program. Now, for the weasel that wrote the virus, I hope you and your computer disappear in a large ball of flames the next time you turn it on!!! And may no one notice your absence.

#38582 - 12/06/02 03:48 PM Re: Another nasty virus
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Glad your practicing safe computing now.

Granpa Doug
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