I bought the Roland SD50 about 2 weeks.I'm trying to get it to sound right.I've got it connected up to my Roland RD700SX stage piano.Both the piano and my XLR mic are connected to the Tascam DP03 digital recorder/mixer,which connects up to my Roland KC350 amp.The piano and mic connect up to the Tascam then the amp,and, always sounds good.

When you use demo any sound(you can demo every sound on the SD50) the quality of the sounds are perfect.No need to adjust them.However,the sounds themselves need to be adjusted by setting the reverb,chorus,etc.Thats where it gets difficult.

The settings I'm referring to start on page 50 of the owners manual."Adjusting pan effects and depth" and "Adjusting effects settings".If you've got this module yourself you'll see what I'm getting at.

I thought that modules were suppposed to be perfect straight out of the box.Not so on the SD50.You have to adjust the effects settings,including the type of room you're playing in then you've got to save those settings.Thats about page 50 onwards of the manual.

There seems to be a trend these days for modules to have dual RCA's from module to the amp.The SD50 is the same.I run dual RCA's from the module to dual 1/4 jacks to Tascam inputs.Then the leads from there to the amp.I use my Tascam as a mixer and recorder.It replaced a Tascam 414 Mk2 Portstudio cassette deck set up the same way.Been like that for years.

If anyone else has got the SD50 can we compare notes on this module? If you found other problems too,please let me know.


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