hello mates, im very glad of being part of this community, let me short introduce myself, im Pablo from Chile, Im music teacher.

Ive had experience with midi guitar (had and old gm70 roland system) now i want to be back in business and im thinking to buy this fishman triple play gadget, mostly because i preffer VST sounds rather than preloaded racked samples.

But i have a question using MIDI GTR throughout a DAW, in the expression control...

I just want to use volume expression, i already got a FCB1010 to control my guitar rig (power amp channels and mods, preamp channels, fx controls) and now i want to use FCB1010 to control FISHMAN EXPRESSION... but i dont know how to set up a external expression in CUBASE 5.

My vst setup: fcb1010 (midi footcontroler), Maudio usb audio interface - PC windows7 - cubase.

If you can shed some light here it would be really appreciated. Im going to be father soon and i need to be very smart using the few bucks i still have!!!

thanks in advance