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#38308 - 08/11/00 07:00 AM recording hardware
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Hi Guys
i got small problem choosing my recording hardware.currently i own 3 synths,PC P2,Rack Mount Amp,MDR,EQ,Mixer and some Midi gear.i need to get something to record on,i like work with midi more them audio.i dont know what to buy Digital 8track recorder,good Digital Mixer (O1V,VM3100 PRO) or just audio card for eg.Gadget Labs WAVE824.i want to buy rigth produckt for my home studio so i can keep it for few years without buying new stuff every other month.

#38309 - 08/11/00 02:58 PM Re: recording hardware
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Don't know how you like to work but, I've got a friend who's got a Roland VS recorder(don't remember the model) and he loves it. Onboard effects, so you'll save money there. He records direct to it instead of a computer so he doesn't have to worry about tweakin the computer to death like I do. But, he has this tiny little screen to work with. If you're used to synths little displays then this may not bother you.
My .02cents. Good luck.

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#38310 - 08/14/00 04:41 PM Re: recording hardware
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How much $ do you have to spend?

I had a similar problem and I ended up buying a refurbished ADAT for $1,000 because I know they won't go outta style for a long time. Plus, you can take those ADAT tapes into almost any studio or edit them yourself on your computer.

Since you already have a mixer, EQ, ..ect, I would recommend thinking about this as an option.

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#38311 - 09/03/00 06:59 PM Re: recording hardware
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I have Cakewalk Pro-audio 9 and a Delta 1010
Midiman (8 ins and outs/MIDi in-out/2 SPDIF in or out). I'm set! Very happy with this.
Audio/Digital/MIDI/video I'm able to use all my ol' vintage equipment.

keep an eye on and EBAY for a 1010....someone walked away with one for $110.00 last month on
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#38312 - 09/04/00 08:00 AM Re: recording hardware
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It sounds like you must already have a computer if you are thinking maybe a sound card. If you go the computer/soundcard route, you have many many possibilities for upgrades, expansions,changes,etc. A computer setup is probably the cheapest way to go in the longrun.
You say you dont want to upgrade for a while,but by going computer, you leave that option open . The portable systems like the Roland VS series are great little units for portable gigs and they work very well for home recording too, but ,as I see it, they are stronger with audio capabilities than with midi ones. If you get good software, your midi possibilities increase manyfold. Yahmaha has a new portable unit coming out that looks to blow the pants off of Rolands unit, but still for midi, I would always recommend a computer.
Another plus in the computer camp is that for midi, you dont need the fastest cpu,or the most memory. You can record in midi,and when you are finished, mix it all down to a few audio tracks(a real memory saver).

#38313 - 09/05/00 01:25 PM Re: recording hardware
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Go with the new roland 890EX allows you to midi up to computer and do editing on computer screen too

#38314 - 09/11/00 05:02 AM Re: recording hardware
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I think the ADAT is a great idea for a startup. If money is the problem. go virtual
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#38315 - 09/14/00 05:22 AM Re: recording hardware
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If you own a computer and want to do the whole audio/midi thing, make sure it's fast enough, has enough RAM and that it's properly set up with your music in mind- example- a seperate hard drive only for audio.

I must say, if you are really interested in an all in one system, check out the Digidesign 001 system. Audio wise it has 24 tracks, can record 24 bit audio, has the proven Protools interface and comes with some nice plugins. Midi wise, it's not as powerful as say Logic or Cubase but still you can get most things done very well with it and a new upgrade (5.1) is coming out that will add a few extra features to this area. Well worth checking out and it comes with it's own interface box- an all in one computer solution so to speak!

Hardware wise- the new Yamaha AW4416 WILL blow the pants off all the other hardware recorders out there- but it's also gonna cost an arm and a leg! However, for that arm and a leg you'll get a very poewrful 16 track recorder with 128 virtual tracks, powerful onboard digital mixing with automation, fx, eq and dynamics to name just a few features. However, for midi you'd need to sync up your chosen sequencer/computer with it.

Other great cheaper hardware units to check out are the Korg D16 (get the version 2 upgrade) and the new Akai DPS16 looks like it's gonna offer alot of features- I'm checking this unit out for sure (get it with the fx board though).

Yes you could always get your choice of audio card like Darla, Gina, Mona, Layla, DSP factory, 1212, Pulsar 11, Motu 2408 11 etc etc but make sure it's all working properly.

So there you have it- alot of options and you can't go wrong anyway provided your chosen set up helps you make music!!!! Cheers and good luck!


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