Hello ,
I have a 11 years old DSR-1000. Since the
sounds of the DSR-1000 are awkward i have
a Yamaha DB50-XG Daughterboard which is
attached to my Soundblaster 16 ASP.I have conntected the DSR-1000 to the midi-port of
my Soundblaster and I am using the DSR-1000
as Midi-In and the Yamaha DB50-XG as
Midi-Out. I have disabled the speakers of the DSR-1000 and I am using my HIFI-Device for Output.I use Cakewalk 5. My problem is :

When I play something using an instrument patch on my Yamaha, I can hear it in the same time through my speakers with very good quality because of the DB50-XG.But when I am
pressing the rhythm-start button on the DSR-1000, I should hear some drum sounds ,but there is no sound(the channel in Cakewalk is set to 10).Besides, while the channel is set
to 10, I can play and hear drums when I am playing the drums manually(without start-button pressed).Why is that so? Because the
DSR-1000 is not GM compatible? There is a midi button on it with some options(Send Ch Select, Send Receive Select,Split Mode...)
I have tried all the options but without success.Short said, am I able to play rhytms
using the DSR-1000 while the sound comes from the DB50-XG with its good quality or do I have to play all the drums manually when I'm making some midi-songs? Has the keyboard to be General-Midi compatible to solve my problem? Where is the answer?

I would be very happy if you share your knowledge with me.

Thanks for reading this long letter!

Baris Can