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#38162 - 03/09/00 01:10 PM Best drum machine?
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I am in the market for a rack mount drum machine. Please send in your suggestions for the best one. It needs to be easy to use ( I have a Boss 660, and it's complicated)and have very high quality / up to date sounds. I like many styles of music, so it can't, for example, be geared only for dance music.
Thanks very much.

#38163 - 03/27/00 05:30 PM Re: Best drum machine?
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Well this may sound odd but I recommend an older analogue rhythm machine . I have an electribe ER-1 but that's a drum synthesizer and you build your own sounds as well as program your rhythms . But an older analogue rhythm machine is very versitile and you can't program them ( usually they are preset ) but they have a lot of different rhythms . The analogue sound is great for ambient music or new wave . ROLAND TR-77 ( 1972 ) , KORG RHYTHM 55 ( 1979 ) , KORG DE 20 DONCA MATIC ( 1968 ) , ACETONE RHYTHM ACE FR-2L ( 1974 ) just to name a few .

#38164 - 03/27/00 11:29 PM Re: Best drum machine?
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To think, I was SO happy when the digital drums finally got good enough to use, and NOW - people want the OLD, CRAPPY, TINNY sound again! Go figgur ! It's like ties - if you wait long enough, they come back into style, don't they? Funny stuff.

Uncle Dave
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#38165 - 03/29/00 04:06 PM Re: Best drum machine?
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There's an R8M module for sale on the forum called "wanted to buy and sell" this is a highquality drumsoundmodule!
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#38166 - 04/02/00 06:03 AM Re: Best drum machine?
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Check out the R8M- these sounds are great even after 10 years!!!!!

Also- Emu Procussion and Alesis DM PRO.

Also Yamaha RM50 (from about 1993).

How about getting a sampler and loading/sampling in your own drum sounds. You will have a MUCH wider scope for sounds then (both realistic and synthesized).


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