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#376202 - 11/23/13 05:40 PM Re: Tyros 5's 40 styles that Utilize Audio Drum Loops! [Re: Diki]
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Originally Posted By: Diki
One thing the Audya does is that many of the audio drum parts were recorded with the same drum kit, in the same room. This makes disassembly and reassembly into other styles fairly coherent.

But most of what I've heard of the Yamaha audio styles sounds pretty different from style to style. Although you may be able to use them to put other styles together, unless you use the entire drum Part from one style for another, I think you may well have the odd effect of one Variation on one kit in one room, and other Variations having a totally different kit, in a different ambient space.

One more reason why I feel that drum KITS, not audio drums, is the way forward.

Hi Diki

You are completely correct. This was one concern I noticed when I heard the Audio Styles on the PSR-S950. Must be the same issue on the Tyros 5 when I get to hear more the Audio Style demos.

I guess if the difference between the Audio Style part and the rest are that noticeable you could alway adjust the DSP effects to the other style parts to approximate the correct room environment. A lot more work, but possible.

Audio parts do add another dimension to the style and they have their place for certain song specific styles or style audio effects, but I also would prefer total midi control and just make the style and kit samples better quality or longer (eg.cymbals) as technology allows.


#376270 - 11/24/13 10:02 AM Re: Tyros 5's 40 styles that Utilize Audio Drum Loops! [Re: Marcus]
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Originally Posted By: Marcus
you are not limited to just 40 Audio Styles on the Tyros 5. I look at it more like 40 Audio Style Parts to work with to create hundreds of Custom or Hybrid type styles to your liking with the Assembly and other modifications in a Style Creator. The borrowed style parts must be musically suitable and same time signature.

A new Audio style can be created with suitable borrowed parts of any of the Tyros 5 styles and thousands you can import as long as you start with the Audio Style and Audio Part you want.

Hi Marcus smile
Wow, I hope it's true that we'll be able to actually SAVE any of the 40 +audio styles (including the audio drum loops) as a new 'custom style' and also be able to import (via T5's (assembly feature) other style parts as we already can do with (non audio drums) styles. Perhaps someone here that already has a Tyros 5 can test this out and report back their findings. Keeping my fingers crossed. - Scott cool

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