Hi everybody,
I'm a German "Ketronist" and I make music with a female singer by using midifiles. My midifiles are prepaired to show chords in the display (by using several midi-progrmms)

Now I was interested to build in the new USB & SD Card-Reader System.

You have to put out the old floppy and harddisk-controller and you must copy your (old) harddisk (by using a IDE/USB Cable) with a spezial Ketron-Program to an SD-Card or USB-Stick.
You don't need the special Ketron-Wire (COM1) any more.

So I've done, but within the copy-process, my computer didn't recognize my harddisk anymore, he only told me to format.......

So there was no copy on my prepaired SD-Card and the files on he old harddisk have been deleted!!!!!!!!!!!
No problem (I thought) the same midifiles on your computer in your backup!

Copy from backup-folder to SD-Card, but 80% of my midifiles didn't show any Chords!!!

Copy to Midjay or XD3 (other instrumensts of mine).... no problem!

I think it might be a Dongle-Problem!

Has anyone an idea to solf that problem?

Thanks Knippi