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#37018 - 10/20/10 05:22 AM Re: slider settings not saving
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Originally posted by skude:
I'm getting very confused here. Here is how my Audya works and has always done. Can't tell if the A4/5 is the same.
In save registration, I just mark (blue dot)on what I want to save in a reg. It goes for all sliders to the left and you can also save mic, voicetron. The Master Slider has never been saved in a reg. on my Audya. If I want to balance the output volume for the different styles I use the Style master slider and then save it in the reg. When you recall a reg. the sliders can be in any posistion, at full or all the way down. The reg. will play with the volume you saved in.

And thats what I was thinking as well skude-everything you say is what I do exactly
However Aj replied as you can see above, when I asked him why that was not working and my levels appeared to have saved correctly-BUT- when I go back next day to play them back through my PA--they have jumped in volume and sound way too loud. The STYLE MASTER SLIDER is what I was referring to as opposed to the MASTER fader on the right and that "style master slider" does not appear to be saving.
And no , I never change any settings on PA or otherwise--its all to do with the Audya.

The A4 And A5 are the same without the keys.
So now , I have no idea--blue light on or blue light off to save. Confused to say the least.. but thanks for posting Skude

#37019 - 10/20/10 06:23 AM Re: slider settings not saving
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I have had my share of problems with the Audya, still has some. Saving the slider settings in a reg. has not been a issue. I always took it for granted that the "blue dot" in reg. save section, pointed to what I was saving. On my Audya it does, if this is right or not I don't really care, as long as it saves what I want. It would'nt surprise me if mine was doing it differently from all others. I hope you get it to work. Beeing able to save the Style Master slider setting in a reg. is to me very important.

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