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#361359 - 02/14/13 04:43 PM Why I LOve This Forum
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Let me share why I love this Technics forum.

I do not remember when the Kn7000 came out but I was of the first to have one. Since then I created and saved mountains of songs and everything we did on this forum; from Bebop 20 for 20 up until I sold my third and last Kn7000; I gave all my work away, I was done with Technics.

About four months ago one of my dear friends passes away and his wife gave me his Kn7000; she thought he would want me to have it. I posted a request here for styles, sounds, and pads; anything that would help me get started again. I called Gary who was a member of our group that always attended the Technics jams and asked him if would be avle to send me some of my work. (He bought my last Kn7000)

You know that life is good and that you have been blessed with special people in your life when you are sitting with a Kn7000 which was a gift and you have all the styles, pads, memory, custom memory, panels memories, sound, sound arranger, and favorites you created since your first Kn7000 in front of you on 4 SD cards.

Thank you Gary, Bill Norrie and his Site, and the others on this forum that helped, it is all appreciated.

A humble me, John C.

#361521 - 02/17/13 01:42 AM Re: Why I LOve This Forum [Re: bruno123]
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I think you have said it all .

The folks on the Technics forum are always ready and willing to help with any technical issues ,share sheet music and their special wonderful styles and songs .

We are very lucky to have this forum .

#362182 - 02/25/13 02:09 PM Re: Why I LOve This Forum [Re: bruno123]
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John, I haven't been in here for a long while but just read your request for KN7000 stuff. I think I still have it all in one of the computers and I still have the zip files of the 20 for 1 songs too. What are you wanting that I could send to you? Best email me as I don't get on SJ much anymore, mostly on facebook now days.
My birthday on wed will be 81. Yup getting up there. Bebop
Learned that one of my friends on facebook for quite awhile is Johhny Barr's granddaughter who lives over in Ireland. Small world.


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