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#356785 - 12/17/12 12:30 PM KETRON AUDYA OS5.0 notes + AJAMsonic info ...
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Here you go ...


1 . We've added 2 new functions to the Disk Utility menu:- "Info" and "Restore".
2 . Ouantization has been improved in the Pattern EDITOR menu.
3 . "Pedal Switch" functionality has been optimized.
4 . Optimized "Midi Filter" management.
5 . Improved "Copy Styles" function in the Pattern menu.
6 . Improved the use of the "2nd Voice" with After Touch.
7 . Improved the Transposer function in the "Bass Fisa Low" function.
8 . Improved the functioning of: Audiodrum, Wave , MSP and Ins.
9 . Optimized the management of "Sustain Midi" on the "Global" Midi channel.
10 . Improved chords recognition in the "Easy mode" when using the Bass Pianist function.
11 . Improved both "Live Guitar" and "User Audio file" functions.
12 . Improved "Sustain Control" management within the Pedalboard.
13 . Improved minor and seventh chords recognition on the Style when using "Break".
14 . Optimized hard disk management.
15 . Improved management of the Global Transposer during real time tonality switch over.
16 . The problem present on Audya 4 with the "Manual Bass" during data transmission is now solved (Midi Out).
17 . "Global Transposer" management enabled in transmission ( Midi Out ).
18 . The Global Transposer functioning in presence of “ON” notes has been corrected.
19 . Improved Live Guitars selection via "Bank Select Midi" and "Program change".
20 . In the "Accordion Active” mode, the "Delete Notes" function was implemented after the Style stop, while the Manual Bass is active.
21 . Improvements carried out in the Midi Transposer menu (sections: Chord, Lower and Guitar).
22 . Improvements in the "Tabs" that can be assigned in the Play list section.
23 . In the Drum Set "Editor" environment, the Shift and Tune save settings has been corrected.
24 . In the "Accordion" mode the Manual Bass function was optimized.
25 . Improvements carried out to the Registration management (Single and Block).
26 . Improved compatibility between Mp3’s and Lyrics.
27 . Minor problems in the Midi Accordion "Factory Set-Up" menu have been solved.
28 . Optimized functioning of the Breaks in the styles (midi part).
29 . Improvements implemented to the Piano Styles Sustain function.


PS: Note ... for those of you with the AJAMSONIC upgrade package, this upgrade can also be applied to you keyboards/modules and you will still maintain your AJAMSONIC upgrade features, sounds and styles! WORKING TOGETHER, WE CAN!
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#356786 - 12/17/12 12:41 PM Re: New KETRON AUDYA series 5.0 OS notes ... [Re: Ketron_AJ]
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when you get a chance can you elaborate of the following 2 improvements:

8 . Improved functioning of: Audiodrum, Wave , MSP and Ins.

25 . Improvements carried out to the Registration management (Single and Block).

#356788 - 12/17/12 01:01 PM Re: New KETRON AUDYA series 5.0 OS notes ... [Re: Ketron_AJ]
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Aj what does "Restore" future in disk menu?

#356808 - 12/17/12 11:08 PM Re: New KETRON AUDYA series 5.0 OS notes ... [Re: Ketron_AJ]
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there are many point's not understand. there is "guitar mode" that Aj talk in ajamsonic pack, Then I think it was introduced into 40c. but how work ? if you enable it you can see the rotor led switch on/off when press sustain pedal.

all the news is little improve that we can't see.
disk info.... was very very long
restore what is ?? dangerous ?
guitar mode ? ecc
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#356821 - 12/18/12 02:18 AM Re: New KETRON AUDYA series 5.0 OS notes ... [Re: pastroccio]
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So sorry AJ,

Like I say many, many times befor:long list of improvement for ordinary user cant say much without explanation ,what some function can do.
Ketron simply dont want to anderstand that simple fact.What that long list say to me?Allmost nothing!
General I can see on that list only MINOR MIDI inprovement,and two new funcion what I dont nead(somebody has)exsactly, withaut explanation,haw to use.Cant belive that.

I know, if I want to asck guys who are near to Ketron if Ketroners listen on some way, what users want to haw in there instrument,then I can only stand on big wall...Nobay dont want to talk about.

For Ketroners is strange thought to haw setisfied users....

#356823 - 12/18/12 03:45 AM Re: New KETRON AUDYA series 5.0 OS notes ... [Re: Ketron_AJ]
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Still not corrected the problem Jump For example: int1 to int 2
still go to End

big problem!

How about put the samples into drum set ???

Still waiting to fix it


#356824 - 12/18/12 04:00 AM Re: New KETRON AUDYA series 5.0 OS notes ... [Re: Ketron_AJ]
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Worst is the bug of 4.2c of registrations tempo that was not solved.It is a shame.

#356838 - 12/18/12 07:23 AM Re: New KETRON AUDYA series 5.0 OS notes ... [Re: Ketron_AJ]
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And here the german version of the list ( in case of somebody here is native german-language and not a member in laugh )

  • 1 . Ergänzung des Disk Utility Menu mit den Funktionen "Info" and "Restore".
    2 . Besseres "Quantize" Handhabung im Pattern Menu.
    3 . Bessere "Pedal Switch" Funktionalität.
    4 . Optimierte "Midi Filter" Handhabung.
    5 . Verbesserung der Funktion "Copy Styles" im Pattern Menu.
    6 . Verbesserte Verwendung der "2nd Voice" im After Touch.
    7 . Verbesserter Transposer in der Funktion „Bass Fisa Low".
    8 . Verbessertes Funktionieren von: Audiodrum, Wave , MSP und Ins.
    9 . Optimierte Handhabung von "Sustain Midi" am "Global" Midi channel.
    10 . Verbesserte Akkord Erkennung im "Easy mode" der Bass Pianist Funktion.
    11 . Verbesserte "Live Guitar" und "User Audio file" Funktion.
    12 . Verbesserte "Sustain Control" Handhabung am Fußpedal.
    13 . Verbesserte minor und 7th Akkorderkennung bei Style "Break".
    14 . Optimierte Hard Disk Handhabung.
    15 . Verbesserte Handhabung des Global Transposer während real time Tonhöhen-Umschaltung.
    16 . Das aktuelle Audya 4 Problem mit "Manual Bass" während der Datenübertragung ist behoben
    (Midi Out).
    17 . "Global Transposer" Handhabung bei Übertragung ist nun möglich ( Midi Out ).
    18 . Korrektur der Global Transposer Funktion bei “ON” Noten.
    19 . Verbesserte Live Guitars Auswahl über via "Bank Select Midi" und "Program change".
    20 . "Accordion Active” mode: Implementation der "Delete Notes" Funktion nach Style Stopp bei
    aktivem Manual Bass.
    21 . Verbesserungen im Midi Transposer Menu (in Sektionen: Chord, Lower und Guitar).
    22 . Verbesserungen in den "Tabs" die der Play List Sektion zugewiesen werden können.
    23 . Korrektur der Shift und Tune Speicherung im Umfeld des Drum Set "Editor".
    24 . Optimierung der Manual Bass Funktion im "Accordion" Modus.
    25 . Verbesserungen der Registration Handhabung (Single und Block).
    26 . Verbesserte Kompatibilität von Mp3’s und Lyrics.
    27 . Lösung von kleineren Problemen im Midi Accordion "Factory Set-Up" Menu.
    28 . Optimierte Funktion der Breaks bei Styles (midi).
    29 . Verbesserungen bei der Sustain Funktion von Piano Styles.
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