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#349552 - 08/23/12 06:54 AM MP3
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Hi,When I play an mp3 on my audya ,I try to lower the vocal but the vocal is still there with echo,can you tell me if its only a gadget or is there a software to cut the vocals for the mp3
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#349560 - 08/23/12 08:51 AM Re: MP3 [Re: hbinfo2001]
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to work "as promised" a stereo-file is mandatory ! "Converting" a former mono to a stereo-file doesnŽt work as well !

So no oldies ( lets say anything recorder prior 1980, maybe 1970 ) recorded in mono wink. YouTube is mostly as well not native stereo, so most files recorded from there wonŽt work either.

BTW: YouŽll, depending on the mp3 file being used, always hear "a bit" of the original-vocal ( in detail : that parts, that are not panned to center ). So e.g. "Little Talks" ( Of Monsters and Men ) wonŽt work, besause the man an woman sing on the left and right channel as far as I remember.
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#349571 - 08/23/12 01:21 PM Re: MP3 [Re: hbinfo2001]
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in addition to Snoppies comments, MP3 is compressed, so even a perfectly centered vocal will give some residual noise. The higher compression the worse you will find it as the 'edges' lose definition. I use 320kbps for all of my MP3's

The Audya analyses and 'layers' the left and right parts in real time, when it sees identical data in both channels it is able to neutralize that element of the sound, hence why you still have some breakthrough with MP3 files.

WAV files are far better as they are uncompressed...the drawback is more disk space.


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