When a registration is selected and then after exiting back to the basic screen there is a list of voices shown vertically on both the left and right hand sides of the screen. Can these choices of right hand voices be changed somehow?
I would like to select the voices I want to use when playing that registration and move up and down through them with my 13 pedal foot switchs. I know how to set the pedals to do the different functions but have not figured out how to change these right hand voices. Example of use would be to start out playing say with a sax and then do a "voice up" pedal change to a full band voice... then back and forth to change up the sound as the song is played.

I have also tried using a foot pedal to turn "harmony" off and on to achieve this effect but when doing this I also have to change the "octave" otherwise the sound is to low and doesn't sound good. On a keyboard I guess one could compensate by playing an octave higher on the keyboard but that isn't always possible on an accordion because there not enough keys.