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#334853 - 12/27/11 12:32 PM QSC - Podium
Uncle Dave Offline
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I've had a few days with these Podium 802s, and they are pretty good for the money, but no where in the ballpark of the QSC K8s in any area of comparison. Well, to be fair, they ARE cheaper and they ARE lighter, but that's where the pluses end.
The have no handle (small inconvenience)much less crispness from the horn, WAY less power and ooomph and even though the specks state that they go down lower in freq - they can't come close to the bass response of the K8.
If you always play quietly and want the lightest system possible - the Podiums may be the system for you, but I had the 802s, the K8s, the K12s ( just SO not fair ) and my Bose Compact all set up side by side ..... the Podiums are for sale again - or maybe they will sit as a backup for a while. All I know is - the K8s are so much better sounding, and well worth the money from my wallet.
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#334854 - 12/27/11 12:57 PM Re: QSC - Podium [Re: Uncle Dave]
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Well, Dave, the Podiums are a LOT cheaper, to be fair. The QSC appears to cost about five times as much.

I've never heard the QSC brand, would like to.
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#334856 - 12/27/11 01:13 PM Re: QSC - Podium [Re: Uncle Dave]
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A friend of mine uses two QSC K8's on his sounds pretty awesome.

These speakers are super high quality build, powerful, and very, very, very reliable.


PS...Did I say they are reliable?
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#334952 - 12/30/11 08:43 AM Re: QSC - Podium [Re: ianmcnll]
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I have used QSC K-8 Speakers for 2 years and they are the best speakers I have ever used , in fact I get comments from peaple that there is too mush bass , badge of honor in my book I have prob done 500 gigs with these little guys and still jamming I fully recomend these speakers to anybody who does a one man band with the bass switch i have played large halls with no issue .

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#334953 - 12/30/11 09:04 AM Re: QSC - Podium [Re: SemiLiveMusic]
Fran Carango Online   content
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Originally Posted By: SemiLiveMusic
Well, Dave, the Podiums are a LOT cheaper, to be fair. The QSC appears to cost about five times as much.

I've never heard the QSC brand, would like to.

hmmmmm....5 to 1 price ratio....and both China imports grin

PS: Dave must be doing something wrong if he thinks the Podiums do not have more bass.....You better demo them for me side by side...In the band using a Alesis mixer...the bass response rules from the 802's...You know heard them.. smile

The SamAsh salesman's demo of the K 8's was terrible only goes down to 66hz..I have never heard great bass response from a low in the 60's..but you can show me..maybe Sam Ash didn't demo right grin

#335007 - 12/31/11 08:13 AM Re: QSC - Podium [Re: Fran Carango]
Bill Lewis Offline
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Fran ? Dave?? Any more info? I wish you two guys could get together and solve this QSC vrs. Podium thing. I just can't see $600 for an 8" cabinet but if it is the miracle cure I may take the plunge. Gemini also makes some nice small powered cabinets with tone controls onboard and I'm looking at them also. Its all Chinese imports and buy, play and throw away stuff. Finally sold my B3 so I've got some cash burning the proverbial hole in my pocket.
I've been for a long time looking to upgrade my PA and having a small set of speakers to use alone or augmented with my keyboard amp sounds great. Bass is always the question. Without hearing them live its still hard to believe an 8" speaker can move enough air to provide solid bass, its physics. I DJ along with my OMB thing so I need some decent sound.
BTW-- I DJ'd the breaks of a popular band here last night and will again tonight and they used two QSC 12s for monitors. Regular system was 2/!5" subs and 2/15" 3 way cabinets on top.
Thanks for the expert opinions.
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