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#33414 - 01/01/09 10:50 PM Re: To the attention of AJ
rikkisbears Online   content
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Hi Lee,
you decided to get one.
For the size of it, they're an amazing little unit. hasn't quite got the quality of sound of my SD1+, but still pretty good. i think I've updated mine twice so far without any problems. Bit nervous about doing this one, I heard of another one going dead after updating. Mines well & truly out of warranty.

Your PA2X will make a great controller for it.
BTW did you get my email a couple of days ago. I was too busy to log on since before xmas . haahaa.
best wishes

Originally posted by leeboy:
SD2 (comming next week)...I keep hoping some day to get something bigger from Ketron, but until I see much better customer suport in the USA, NOT going to do it. Interested in Audya, like many others.

At least with the SD2 if I get discouraged by lack of support, decide to sell it, not much $$ is lost.

best wishes
Rikki 🧸

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#33415 - 01/19/09 09:19 AM Re: To the attention of AJ
bobsynth Offline
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Hi. This is Bob, the founder of the Solton club. I Love my Midjay. Been using it since it first came out. I got more gigs when I started using this unit. It is just great. BTW, I am selling my back up system. It is an MS40,with Midi Bass Pedals, Volume Pedal, FS13 programmable pedal switches,
along with tons of patterns and midis and the manual on Disc. It is scheduled to be listed on EBay 1/21, if anyone is interested.
Bob Hughes

#33416 - 01/20/09 03:23 AM Re: To the attention of AJ
Nedim Offline
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I agree with Mac in here, on the forums the
complaints are only from the Complainrs or
people that dont know how to use the machine.
And then everything gets bad feedback.
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#33417 - 01/20/09 03:06 PM Re: To the attention of AJ
--Mac Offline

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Well, that's not exactly what I tried to say.

Someone could indeed have a broken unit.

But we have to realiZe that it would represent only one broken unit out of how many out there that are working just fine.

Forums are here for solving problems, therefore we tend to see mostly only the problems on forums such as these.

Someone who is enjoying a fully functioning unit is not very likely to seek out a forum and make post just to tell us that, right?

But I won't second-guess the person with the complaint either. These kind of situations can be a lot more frustrating if it were happening to YOUR midjay.

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