I bought the pedal so I could turn the vocalizer on and off with my foot. It's been less than 6 months and it stopped working. What's up with that? The damn thing costs $75 (canadian) and it lasts half a year?

Of COURSE it has to be a non standard pedal. Couldn't have us buying cheap ones now could we.

Oh and I'm also thrilled to say that one of my keyboard keys, an E key no less, has stopped working. Lets see, that's about 8 months of playing. The repair guys answer when I told him? "Well, you know that everything is made to break these days. It's just a contact. No big deal to replace."

Yeah. Sure. For him maybe. For me it means a 5 hour drive there, possibly a night over, and back the next day. Is this what I can expect??

TEN YEARS I had my Korg I2. Never did I have to replace a key on the keyboard. Or contact, whatever the hell it is that makes it work.

This is ridiculous. I'm very quickly changing my mind about this keyboard. I've had more problems in less than a year than in ten with my last one. FAR too many problems. Not worth it to me. If someone buys this board, I recommend you live near a repair shop.

Great sounds, excellent features. Can't take that away from them, but VERY poor manufacturing.