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#32065 - 09/25/03 10:00 PM Why are you staying loyal to Ketron products?
Ketron_AJ Offline

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I have started a thread (in the General Forum) as to what people are looking for in a keyboard that could be provided for

Feel free to contribute.

However ...

For you (current users), I would like to know the features, factors and facts as to why you do like Ketron products and why you would not hesitate to purchase yet another.

Please be specific and detailed for I will be following this post closely and feel free to express yourself the best way you see fit.

PS: Dealers are also encouraged to include their information as well.



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#32066 - 09/26/03 04:29 AM Re: Why are you staying loyal to Ketron products?
Roel Offline

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Hello AJ,

What I personally like :
a. The best sounds/styles compared to all others. (including Tyros)

b. Ketron really listens to customers and tries to 'please' them in OS upgrades.

c. Very good service (eg. display replacement after 2,5 years.... free of costs)

d. Great keyboard-feel (action & size)

e. The SD1 is stable and never let me down

f. Stable housing and no Xmastree-alike lights.

Some tiny 'dislikes':
1. Harddisk noise, slow transfer (startup)
2. Mic amp. noisy (don't use it myself)
3. Vocalizer not stereo


#32067 - 09/26/03 09:35 AM Re: Why are you staying loyal to Ketron products?
KFingers Offline

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AJ, I have been a loyal supporter and purchaser of Solton then Ketron products for the last 10 years.

The reasons are simple:

1)Great sounds - For so little sample memory
2)Fantastic styles - Very realistic
3)Innovative features - Best integral harmoniser although I also use a TC Helicon.
4)Best Value for money - When you buy it from Belgium that is.

However, it is a wonder that anyone else in the UK actually owns or plays Ketron instruments. I first came into contact with their products when I sold keyboards for a living. These included Technics and Yamaha and we became one of the very few retailers in the UK to stock them. I was blown away by the MS40 which made the others sound like (expensive) toys in comparison.

However, the competition are now catching up (The Tyros is a half decent instrument although considerably overpriced)

I would add reliability to the above list but I am afraid thet if I developed a problem with my XD I am on my own in this country now.

The distributers here don't answer all your e:mails and when they do they give me the name of an accordian playing studio owner as one of their retail outlets. Not that the guy has any stock but he has an SD1 which "would give me an indication of what the instrument I wanted to buy would sound like"

I was so keen that I had to buy an instrument that I could not hear in the flesh from another country.

In a way it is an advantage that it is so difficlt to discover/hear/try/buy the Ketron products here as I get a fantastic response to my mediocre playing in comparison to the fantastic players in my area who have the usual mediocre boards but this is litte compensation.

I see that there are now pattern and instrument expansion boards available. Great, I wonder which continent I will have to go to to buy these? Also, I will invalidate my warranty unless an authorised engineer that isn't available in this country fits these.

However, I will still get them from somewhere because, in spite of the above, There isn't anything else to touch them for the music I play and the way I play it.

Sorry to rant on but you did ask.


#32068 - 09/27/03 10:32 AM Re: Why are you staying loyal to Ketron products?
mdorantes Offline
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I would buy Ketron again because:

1.- Give you features NON existan in ANY other Kb. example: Separate Mic output from keyboard when using vocalist.
2.-Up to 4 sounds in Program besides split, that you can layer, velocity switch, re-split.
3.-Customize Footswitch in different configurations, like the volume 4 switch pedal plus any of: 6, 13, or 9 swithes.
4.-The STYLES and Great SOUND generation.

5.-When you are buying a luxury car like BMW or alike, you do NOT ask if it cames with tinted glass.....Mi SD1 is LOADED...the others, everything is optional.
6.-The unprecedent Technical support, OS, etc.
I always say, "when you became KETRONIZED, you never go back to any other brand", you set the standars to high.
7.-The SD1 after 2 years, STILL, no other keyboard of ANY brand cames close overall sounds/features, perhaps some of the others have more "Flash", but I preffer "Dash", now, if the future Ketron Keyboards will include some cosmetic/ergonomic and some "flash"....well.....that will complete the near "perfect" keyboard, I know that is conceptual.


#32069 - 09/27/03 03:46 PM Re: Why are you staying loyal to Ketron products?
Roel Offline

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Today we had two gigs and it is amazing how the SD1 performs on stage !

Especially after the 4.0b reloading playing is fun : Styles, musical drive and overall sound. The audience was enjoying our music very much. (from easy listening to disco.... everything sounds perfect)

Even after 2,5 years of owning the SD1, there is no competitor that can beat this Ketron ! .... as mdoranted already wrote.

#32070 - 09/29/03 11:33 PM Re: Why are you staying loyal to Ketron products?
Luka Offline

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Things that made me choose SD1:
 very realistic styles and sounds
 HD storage and quick access for practically unlimited number of personal settings, new styles etc…
 stack of four independent sounds for right hand
 footswitches for various functions
 onboard vocoder
 support for midi accordion
 76 keys

I would by another Ketron:
 because of the above reasons
 stable hardware
 very good support and ability to repair, change and add SW functions

What I would like to suggest for future implementations and models is a mode (controlled by a footswitch) in which keyboard would be able to follow the tempo played by musician (to make accelerandos and ritterdandos).


#32071 - 10/29/03 03:17 PM Re: Why are you staying loyal to Ketron products?
Organizer Offline
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Unfortunately, I am not staying loyal to Ketron products. There are two specific reasons for this. 1). Too many promises regarding the next (regretably last) update to the latest and greatest operating system for the X series. The last update was in July, 2001 and this for a keyboard that touted "NON-OBSOLESCENCE......Even the entire operating system can be updated thanks to the X4's simple, yet elegant update function. This permits all the very latest X4 developments to be added as they become available by inserting a new system floppy disk (which can even be downloaded via the internet". 2). About 18 months ago, I took my X4 to Bell Solton to due to a defective display. They replaced all the necessary parts and I was very pleased with the timliness of the repair as well as the thoroughness of the diagnostics that were performed. About 3 months ago, I started seeing a dark line through the center of the display (non-critical...however annoying). I've been using a Korg i3 for about 8 years, a Technics WSA-1 for about 10 years various Roland, ART, Yamaha, Kurzweil and Antaras modules for many years and I've never had a display problem other than with the X4. Maybe it's just me....but reliability is a key factor in staying loyal to a products. Granted there are many, many things that I really do like about the X4 (e.g. Voices, most styles), but lack of responsiveness and reliability help to make my next buying decision much easier.

#32072 - 11/01/03 01:51 PM Re: Why are you staying loyal to Ketron products?
DanO1 Offline
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My understanding is 5.0 is around the corner for the X series .

#348387 - 08/04/12 10:27 PM Re: Why are you staying loyal to Ketron products? [Re: DanO1]
sglynn Offline
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Is there another synth module other than Ketron for accordians? My MS40 is just not reliable enough for live gigs because it freezes up sometines on start up. I've tried all the fixes, but still it will freeze when I least want it to freeze. So I'm playing keyboard instead of accordian. What other more reliable synths are there that can take accordian input? thanks

#348469 - 08/06/12 01:56 AM Re: Why are you staying loyal to Ketron products? [Re: Ketron_AJ]
dreamer85 Offline

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In KETRON I like:

- Sound Generation Bank (good presence and quality)
- Styles with Audio Drums & Live Guitars (realistic feel)
- FS13 pedal (great customization for accordionists)
- PROGRAMS, 2nd Voice, Shell volume pedal, and more...

In KETRON I dislike:

- Micro with no Phantom Power (not versatile)
- Stability OS/Hardware (bugs and errors)


- New Super Kits based on Drums recorded in Audio Drums Styles. (Midi Styles super Powered!)
- Possibility to create INS Drums set. (Its a good feature)
- User Audio Drums in one file. [ex:Ballad@80.UAD] (easy to search & associate in Pattern Edit)
- Why not a User Live Guitar/Instrument compiler? (dream feature for professionals)
- User MIDI Bank Library. (possibility to save midi sequences and use them in new styles)

Thanks for the attention!

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