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#31689 - 02/10/05 12:15 PM How to operate the Midjay from a midi controller keyboard?
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This is probably a question that AJ can answer best:

In an other post in the General Arranger forum someone posted this link for a great midi controller keyboard:

That Keystation Pro 88 is one great looking midi keyboard. All those programmable controllers should make it a great arranger with 88 keys if you got the right module hooked up.

I wonder how a combination of the Ketron Midjay, this keyboard and a pair of good monitor speakers would be like. If the Midjay allows you to assign all the functions for styles (intros, fills, endings etc) to different buttons, and the style and sound selection is user friendly this would be a killer setup!

How would this work? Could it even be possible to get the names of the sounds and styles in the display of such a keyboard or is that wishful thinking?

Thanks a lot in advance for your thoughts on this.

Tom NL
Tom NL

#31690 - 02/10/05 09:28 PM Re: How to operate the Midjay from a midi controller keyboard?
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The Styles can be recalled via Midi if saved into a Registration.
A single Style, together with a corresponding Voice set up, can be associated to a single Registration and saved on disk.
After programming the Registrations this is the procedure to download it :
1) The Midjay must be on Keyboard Mode.
1) Enter the MIDI Menu and select the Midi Channel Receive for Registration.
2) Press Registration tab.
3) Send from the Midi controller the Program Changes on the selected Midi Registration Channel. It is possible to control up to 128 Registration for each directory. Of course Registrations directorieson disk can be endless and specialized for genre of music and different repertoires.

The Style Functions such as Intro, Arranger, Fill, End etc. can be controlled via Midi with the help of the following Exclusive Messages :
Intro/End 1 F0H 26H 7CH 1DH Status F7H
Intro/End 2 F0H 26H 7CH 1EH Status F7H
Intro/End 3 F0H 26H 7CH 1FH Status F7H
Arr. A F0H 26H 7CH 2CH Status F7H
Arr. B F0H 26H 7CH 2DH Status F7H
Arr. C F0H 26H 7CH 2EH Status F7H
Arr. D F0H 26H 7CH 2FH Status F7H
Fill 1 F0H 26H 7CH 38H Status F7H
Fill 2 F0H 26H 7CH 39H Status F7H
Fill 3 F0H 26H 7CH 3AH Status F7H
Break F0H 26H 7CH 3BH Stauts F7H

Status = 7FH Tab pressed . Status = 00H Tab released

In addition to this we remember that all the Styles features can be associated to the FS 13 Footswitch ( 13 pedal switches ) thus permitting an easier remote control.


The Voices can be controlled via Midi as follows :

If the Midi controller is able to transmit Bank control changes and Prog. Changes :
1 Press Voice tab.
2 Press Exit to address the Voice families ( Piano, Chrom etc.. )
3 - The Voice tab now can be switched off.
This way it is possible to recall all the MIDIJAY Voices :
Single GM Voices ( Family Voices ) : Banks 1, 2, 3. The Bank 1 is complete, while on Banks 2 and 3 only some voices exists ( See Manual Page 89 90 ).
Preset Voices : Bank 4, from 1 to 64 ( See Manual Page 91 ).
If the Midi controller does'n't transmit the Bank control changes :
Single GM Voices : Press the Voice tab and Exit to enter the Voice family. ( Piano, Chrom etc. ). The sounds can be controlled with Prog. Changes from 1 to 8, from 1 to 16 or from 1 to 24, depending on the number of sounds included on a single family.
Preset Voices : Press Voice and remain on the frist page. The 64 Preset Voices can be controlled with Program Changes from 1 to 64 without using the Bank 4.
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