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#317618 - 02/24/11 08:11 PM Re: Panel Memory [Re: bruno123]
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Hi John, You may have me copnfused with another. I don't have a Tyros 3, but I do have a PR903 digital piano and that will only end up as part of my "estate". I will never part with it while it, ( and I ) are still going!!!! And no, I do not need dollars, I have my two KB's, The Gardener, and I live on the golf course. I need no more!!!
Elizabeth, nice idea but as Bill says, why waste the cruise playing keyboards. But then again, give me the right key and I will play in any flat. monalisa
Ray dance
Ray The Saint

#317634 - 02/25/11 03:33 AM Re: Panel Memory [Re: The Saint]
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Ray the Saint, This is the post that I was responding to, sorry.
John C.

If you think you are short on competetive pricing in Sydney mate you ought to see W A.
Totally agree with your other coments. I dont dislike the sounds of Tyros, but the total inability to "tweak" is maddening. I am on the point of selling my T 3 and getting a Vocal Processor to add a bit of variety. Thanks for your comments in reply to my query about these everyone. I finaly answered, thanking you all on my original Helicon thread. Another plus with the KN7000 is its durability,I bought a second one as backup when production ceased, but have never needed it as yet.
Cheers, Eddie

We are starved of brand variety and at a competetive price down here, with such a small population, (including Tasmania)!!! but that is the price we have to pay for living in the best place in the world? I would love to compare PA3Xpro, Audya, Wersi, G70, et al
keyboards and organs, and might be tempted to try and convince "The Gardener" we should upgrade and that I am worthy of a new toy for being such a good man.
Until then I will be very content with my KN7
see Ya
Ray [/quote]

#317671 - 02/25/11 04:43 PM Re: Panel Memory [Re: The Saint]
Audrey Turner Offline
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To follow on what John has just said, if you do keep your T3, you can also download most of the KN7000 styles that have been converted to play on the T3 from the following site:-

I had most of the KN7 styles on my T3 and I saved them to my PC before px for a T4. These are now on the Tyros 4. In fact, some clever people on the psr site, are already converting styles to play on the T4.

They also offer conversions for most other keyboards, such as Roland, Korg, Ketron and earlier Yamaha keyboards.

A Tip: if you do transfer styles to the T3, open up all relevant Folders beforehand to see whether there are any hidden folders. I made this mistake the first time I did this, I just copied and pasted the Folders across thinking all files were going with them only to find that some of the Folders had other Folders and Files inside them, so of course, when I opened the first Folder, it was empty. Like I've said many times before, I really hate the Yamaha operating system and can't wait for some enterprising keyboard manufacturer to come up with an OS similar to the Technics, it is so simple to use and quick to load.


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