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#31401 - 11/08/07 04:18 PM audya
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i dont want to sound petty or like the "ugly american" but i must say that the name audya for a product and not just a keyboard has to be the worst name ive ever heard in my 66 years on this earth. who thought this one up? if you ever want to sabotage a product this has got to be it. how do you even pronounce the word? sorry but i had to get it off my chest.

#31402 - 11/09/07 12:37 AM Re: audya
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My guess is this, however I have no knowledge on the subject

AUdio DYnamic Arranger

Pronounce AW-DI-A


#31403 - 11/09/07 05:13 AM Re: audya
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I don't think Audya is that bad. It's not any worse than Tyros; which sort of sounds like a dinosaur. Not a good connotation for a leading edge electronic device.

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#31404 - 11/10/07 08:19 AM Re: audya
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AU-DYA )with the stress on the FIRST sylabol!! As for the name picking, we did. It has to do with major references to AUDIO - (Audio Dynamics) which is the new technology (being able to control it that is).
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#31405 - 11/10/07 03:05 PM Re: audya
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Any idea on when we can buy this wonder? And what the price point will be? I really had my heart set on a PA2X, but when I saw the specs on this it made my heart jump.


#31406 - 11/17/07 11:10 PM Re: audya
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here's what i'm missing with SD1 and wish AUDIA had:
1- less hick ups, clicks and off time jumps.
2. more room for sampled wav/msp
3. separete eq for each element or at least for kick snare bass and right hand
4. better pitch bend/modulation wheel (SD5 style) even with a price of losing an octave.
5. Gated reverb.
some of it may be on a professional level (I'm a sound engineer and a musician) but I think that's where Ketron should aim.


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