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For those of us who play professionally, what both the audience and the performer hears is critical for a perfect performance!

Has anyone here tried or use on stage either the QSC K series or the Electro Voice Active ZX series speakers?

Most stage setups require the Main Speakers to be " IN FRONT " of the Musicians. Unfortunately, the mix the musicians hears is not what the audience hears.

I realize most of us use Monitors for the " Stage Mix ". However, the the quality of sound we hear usually isn't any where near as good as the Main Mix.

In an effort to put together the Ultimate PA, I want to upgrade the monitor mix.

I currently use two EV IForce 18's powered by a Crown XTI 4000, and two EV ZX4's powered by an Allen and Heath CP-12.

All the sound is processed through a BBE 882i. For small to medium venues up to 400 people it's really a great sounding system with plenty of power. The monitor mix is provided by one Mackie SRM-450 with mostly vocals and a touch of the keyboard mix, and I use two M-Audio studio speakers for my personal Keyboard mix.

Without adding a lot of additional weight to lug around, I'm looking at the QSC K10's to use and replace the existing setup for the Monitors.

Does anyone have any experience with any of the QSC K series speakers? Or any of the EV Active Speakers? I want to accomplish an awesome monitor sound. The QSC's have great reviews.

Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated. Also, what do you use for a PA and why?



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I would suggest a look at anything that B&O's ICE department have had a hand in designing. The Ketron PA is the best I have ever heard and have amplifiers by B&O. But a number of other manufacturers are also installing ICE including SR and Solton (only certain systems)


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