Summary of Features

New and extended harmony recognition with controlling of the inversions
? New, different settings for harmony recognitions
? New, additional harmony recognitions (adapted to other manufacturers)
? New: Interval harmony recognition
? New: Harmony recognition with basic inversion extended
? New: Piano mode on highest musical level
? Loading and playing of Styles in the current YAMAHA« format without manual conversion
(YAMAHA« is a trademark OF YAMAHA Corporation)
? Editing of all parts of the Style Accompaniment concerning volume adjustment, sound selection and treatment of sounds
? New: Remote Octave = controlling of many functions over manual and/or pedal keys
? New: Chord control = default of up to 12 harmony types for employment in the Auto Accompaniment in connection with remote Octave
? New: Style Compose = Style sequencers with step By step input for given playing of harmonies, Style variations and Accompaniment
? And many further new and innovative functions
? 56 New Acc sounds for the rhythm range provided
? Includes: 20 new demo Styles and Total Presets (see data base - on page 51 + 52)

Further 30 new Factory Styles in the program section "Style Event editor" are subsequently delivered to you after completion free of charge.

NOTE: Style Compose Presets work in conjunction with styles, but are not the actual Styles themselves
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