Here it is:

A little explanation:

1) Choose which notes will be played clicking on the upper left keyboard (notes will be showed in the box below)

2) Choose the octaves to play

3) Select MIDI channel

4) Select patches to play: 0-31 means from 0 to 31, while 0,31 means only two programs: 0 and 31.
You can mix these as you like: 0-20,30,35-40 mean all programs from 0 to 20, then 30, then all from 35 to 40

5) select key velocity

6) Select note on duration

7) select note decay duration

The meaning of parameter 6 and 7 is this (use the values in the picture): sample process duration will start with the MIDI note on event and will stop 500 ms after the note off event. As you probably guessed, this is very useful in sampling sounds with a slow release.

Now click the generate events button: the central grind will populate with the note on midi events and an extimated needed time will be computed and showed (last box on the right side).

Now you have to set sampling parameters, name the instrument you are about to sample and name the folder where samples will be stored (using the values in the picture, SOM will build a C:\SAMPLES\ROLAND_JX8P folder, then will build 32 subfolders, named PATCH_00 to PATCH_31 and finally will save WAV files inside each folder naming them PATCH00_C3.WAV, PATCH00_C#3.WAV ... PATCH00_B8.WAV for first program, PATCH01_C3.WAV, PATCH01_C#3.WAV ... PATCH01_B8.WAV for second program etc etc.

Sample process will start clicking on START button. An elapsed time box will appear, and needed time will be adjusted "on the run", to give you an accurate value. Sample process can be suspended, resumed and stopped.

There is an option inside File menu wich will let you generate a MIDI file from generated events.

Program will be available from my site ( during next week. Its price will be 15$ (or 15).

Ideas and requests are welcome!