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#305679 - 01/12/01 01:17 AM imac/midiman problem
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Wondering if this forum could help me out with a techical problem.

I have recently bought a copy of a USB midisport 4x4 for my home studio. I have seem to run into a bit of a dilemma I hope you can solve.

I am running Pro Tools Free on an iMac DV SE, and when I initiate Pro Tools, it is required of me to turn off virtual memory. So following those simple instructions, and upon restarting the computer in order to allow the changes to take effect, the imac CRASHES during start up.

I decided to run the usual diagnosis, (check for extensions, give something more memory, unplug peripherals). Lo and behold, when I unplug the midiman, start up runs, yet when it is plugged in, it crashes.

So here is my dillema. I either run Pro Tools Free with no audio input from any synthesizers (which is silly), or have a midi interface that works, but with no sequencer to organize the many samples I need to use (which is also silly).

What do I do???

thank you for your time,
-yuet jinn-
What do I do???

thank you for you time,
-yuet jinn-

#305680 - 03/29/01 03:14 PM Re: imac/midiman problem

Not sure if this will solve your problem, but try to make sure none of your gear is sending midi signals when you boot (preferably turn it all off) I've had this problem before on a powermac with serial midiman interface (I though USB would have fixed that tho) I'd be holding down a key or twisting some knob (as you do when you're waiting) and I would get a bus error and crash. So restart after turning off virtual memory and make sure everything is off.
hope that helps


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