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#305440 - 03/19/02 06:46 AM Song from keyboard's sequencer directly to software sequencer ?

Ok, here's one from me:

I composed loads of songs on a Roland XP50, and saved them in Roland's own format.

Found out that i can use software sequencers to modify the songs in an easier way than using the keyboard's sequencer. But in order to do that, I have to record the whole song from the keyboard's sequencer to the software sequencer (Logic Audio). Modify it there, then record it back to the keyboard sequencer - this, because I prefer listening to sounds independently from the computer.

Alternative: I save the song from the keyboard to the disc as a .MID format, and load it in logic audio, modify the whole thing, save it back, and load it back into the keyboard's sequencer. But this is ULTRASLOW with the xp50!

Question: Is there a sequencer software that can load a song directly from the keyboard's sequencer (fastest and most reliable technique), in a way that for example sound diver accesses and rewrites the sound banks of the keyboard?

regards, candelo

#305441 - 04/09/02 07:36 AM Re: Song from keyboard's sequencer directly to software sequencer ?
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Actually I'm no help to you but you could be to me. See I'm interested in buying a workstation. One of the main features I'm looking for is MIDI file playback.

When you describe your "alternative" method, I follow you when you say youcan save your xp-50 sequence to a MID file on diskette. From there you can bring that .MID file up in a computer based sequencer for editing. Here's where I'm a littel lost, when you say "load it back into the keyboard's sequencer", do you mean playing the sequence directly from diskette? or do you actually re-load the sequencer from disk, then play from the sequencer?

Also, is it even possible (and I thought it was) to playback a .MID file directly from disk? f so, are there any performance issues with .MID file playback from diskette, such as intermittant timing problems.

I have a laptop running Voyettra's Difital Orchestrator Plus, which is sending MIDI data to my JV-1010. But I get timing problems almost all the time. It's very annoying. They seem worse during recording and not bad during playback. But the intermittant metronome causes me playing errors.

Sorry I couldn't help you.



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