Mike H,

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I have a couple questions on SD1 functions.
First - is it possible to set up a style so that the arranger will recognize and respond to only the first chord played in a measure?
For example - lets say you were in full keyboard mode and wanted the accompaniment to stay in Fmaj7 while you played some chord solos against it for a measure or two.
>>>AJ: Yes. You would have to be in PIANIST mode and set PIANIST to AUTO (under Utilities). You would also have to have a sustain pedal connected to SD1. This way, when you press first chord, you press the pedal and this chord is held in memory no matter what other keys you next press. The chord will only change when next you release the sustain pedal and the SD1 recognizes the chord you are currently playing - nice feature!

Second - In the Demo and Hit section (similar to Technics performance pads) - Is it possible to toggle between that midifile playback function and full on live arranger play - without abrupt changes - and keep the piano going without interruption through the whole process? The goal would be to play live piano accompanying prerecorded music and be able to switch without glitch - or pause to a full on live performance.
>>>AJ: Not really at this time. Since these files are beein accessed from HD, some time-laps might be noticed.

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