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#305067 - 11/04/05 12:32 PM Re: My New Tyros 2 is in the mail :)
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Originally posted by DanO1:

Hey Johnie C,

I think most customers would say they saved up to 20% or more by trusting me with their order.

Walk into a store in California and pay
8.75 % in state taxes. Ordering online, they save the 8.75% and get the discount too !

Florida State Tax is 7% , New York is over 7% ( I believe).... Saving that tax money on high value products, is definately a factor when making a buying decision.

Cheers.... Dan O'

I saw your earlier message before you changed the whole thing.
Stage managed I'm afraid
first it is 15% now it's 20% how about 30%
Dan you are not exclusive as far as the discount is concerned plenty of discounting going on 0 to 20% by a lot of retailers keen to shift the units like you with limited amounts at their disposal all keen to supply.Just shows how overpriced the keyboard is in the first place.

#305068 - 11/04/05 12:38 PM Re: My New Tyros 2 is in the mail :)
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Did you call Yamaha and put any pressure on them about their failure to fulfill your confirmed, prepaid advance orders?

What is the date that Yamaha says you will have your next shipment?

A couple of other dealers told me they are getting shipment #2 next week.

Please let us know.

Tom G.
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