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#304710 - 11/12/05 11:52 AM SVPworld creative tyros disks updated for T2 compatibility...
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Please note that my SVPworld Creative Megavoice Disks CTDISK001, CTDISK002 and CTDISK003 have now been edited for full compatibility with the new Tyros 2 keyboard.

Future orders of either CTDISK001, CTDISK002 or CTDISK003 will automatically receive versions for PSR3000, Tyros 1 and Tyros 2. (CVP305/307/309 versions should use Tyros 1 files)

If you have upgraded to a Tyros 2 and already own any of these titles, please contact me by e-mail with your details so that I may send you the updated version(s) for your keyboard at no extra charge.

The tyros 2 versions include some rebalancing, revoicing and in places reprogramming.



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#304711 - 11/12/05 12:50 PM Re: SVPworld creative tyros disks updated for T2 compatibility...
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Hi Simon.
You're obviously clued up on the Tyros 2 so I was wondering if you can help me out.
I'm using the Tyros 2 voice editor and the USB has been set up correctly, or at least it seem to be working.
The preset voices all show the names on the editor after they have been copied across and I have picked to edit Dance Hook on the synth section. I've got an amazing sound I want to save to the custom voices, but it is not letting me.
It is stating when I press save & assign "Execute saving/assigning on the instrument if you want to use a Custom voice, first save it as a file on the instrument then assign it to the custom voice bank. To cancel the operation press the exit button". If I press exit it the keyboard goes back to normal with nothing saved. I've written down all of the settings parameters so when I know how to save it I can do so.
Could you be kind enough to shine some light onto this matter so I can actually edit the sounds on the PC and then save them back into the keyboard. The amount of things you can edit is amazing for an arranger keyboard. The synth sound I want to save out sounds exactly like one I had on my Korg Trinity. Tyros 2 sounding like a Trinity, I'll have that any day!


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