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#304620 - 09/01/06 03:42 PM Tyros2 upgrade pack
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Ok if they putting 300 sounds in the upgrade u think these will be brand new sounds or just the old sounds with eq adjustments... Will it be free or will it have to be purchased? Im assuming they will include new styles as well... And new features ? This is all quite exciting

#304621 - 09/01/06 05:32 PM Re: Tyros2 upgrade pack
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I've been reading the posts about this all week, but wasn't under the assuption that Yamaha was putting this out. Am I off??

#304622 - 09/02/06 12:13 AM Re: Tyros2 upgrade pack
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The upgrade is being shown at the Pakefield Keyboard Festival UK, which starts on the 11th of this month, (See the Pakefield post for more details) however as there is still 9 days to go it is still possible that Yamaha will mention something on there web site.
I will be writing a report when I return as usual, and as always I will mention what other people think of it. (There are normally 1500+ at these festivals)
There is also information coming out that the Yamaha Upgrade will not be the only big launch at Pakefield, so hang on to your hats.

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#304623 - 09/02/06 02:27 AM Re: Tyros2 upgrade pack
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The 300 sounds are actually going to be registrations made by the various Yamaha demonstrators. The sounds will also be normal edits of the internal voices.

The IDC is having a massive update as well, so we should see some new styles, songs, sheet music etc. Hopefully a new OS update with a few bugs ironed out.

I've heard on the grapevine that these 300 sounds are going to be made available on a USB stick. I'm assuming the reason for this could be that Yamaha may use a read only USB stick which would be very beneficial for them as it would stop anyone copying their new sounds/registrations to anyone else. Yamaha still have to make money you know, so the idea of only being able to hear and use these sounds when the USB stick is attached to the T2 isn't as silly as it first appears to be.

Other things are a new lower keyboard and pedal board, possibly may be called a T2 pro and I'm assuming the extra keyboard and pedals will be available separately too.

Looks like good things are ahead for all T2 owners and any new buyers will now have more options to them.
I suppose Yamaha are still trying to cater for the organists with the 2 manual version.


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