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#304608 - 12/08/06 07:33 AM Psr3000 - how to best store my song settings?
Haku Offline
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Thanks to the encouragement here in the zone I'm now proud owner of a psr3000. Still on my way home from the store, still 100 miles to drive until I can unpack.

But I need your help again, since I have to store 60 song settings still tonight, and I don't have the time to search the forum or psrtutorial, also it's not comfortable from this cell phone.

Here's what I have to do: for every song we do I have to store the style, tempo, voices, things like that, but no midi file. So that tomorrow I just scroll through the songs and select the right one.

Do I store it as 'song', even though there's no smf? Do I best create a new style with the name of the song? Do I store a registration or performance, or do I add my songs to the music finder?

I suppose it's possible in more than one way, that's why I ask you for the most effective one.

Sorry for my noobie question.

#304609 - 12/08/06 08:27 AM Re: Psr3000 - how to best store my song settings?
John North Offline

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Hi Marcus

I always use registrations for each song. That way you can set the tempo,style, voices transpose etc. Then I put them in alphabetical folder A, B, C, etc then it's easy to find the song..........


#304610 - 12/09/06 11:42 PM Re: Psr3000 - how to best store my song settings?
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Markus, Coming from a KN7000 I started using only the registration memory, but I find using more then one method the best.

1-I have 5 sets of eight bands sounds in the registration. Piano, solo trumpet, sax section ect---only instruments. As I am playing a style I can use the four registration changes that come with the style and my bank of eight. The 5 sets of band registrations favor different types of bands --Latin – Big Band – All strings – rock – Ethnic.

2-I also have complete set-ups for special songs that the Music Finder can not handle. Call up a lyric – a key change – foot pedal – ect.

3-The rest go into the Music Finder, it’s easy when using the favorites, categories and search tools.

I try to use all the features that Yamaha put in the keyboard.

Hope this gives you some new ideas, John c.

#304611 - 01/07/07 11:49 AM Re: Psr3000 - how to best store my song settings?
Bill in Dayton Offline
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I save each "registration" as a "song title". Each of these songs are then saved to a folder (Standards, Oldies, Country, Latin, Xmas, Specials, etc...)

I've used this system for my Tyros 1, PSR 3k and now my Tyros 2...and it really seems to be efficient to access songs very quickly. So much so, that I've got proficient in as I'm nearing the end of one song, I'm able to pull up the next "registration/song" I plan to perform. Once the first song completely ends, I hit the appropriate letter button that corresponds to the new song and I begin the next tune.

It allows me to basically keep the dead time in between songs to an absolute minimum, which is pretty important when you're performing for dances of any kind.

Bill in Dayton


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