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#304438 - 11/24/05 06:55 AM Tyros2: Glitch with Music Finder
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When scrolling to the bottom of the music finder, if you use the scroll wheel to scroll down or back up or down, only the TOP line changes. The entire list doesn't move along with the scroll any longer.

Anyone else notice this?


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#304439 - 11/29/05 03:59 PM Re: Tyros2: Glitch with Music Finder
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Al, I'm not experiencing the problem you report, on my my T2. Al, curious which MusicFinder database file(s) you're experiencing this problem with: the one that's pre-installed on the T2, the one with the corrected song names, or your own custom MFD file?

My MusicFinder's Scroll wheel allows me to scroll to the end, and then back, fine, with the entire list continuing to scroll (as expected) as well. - Scott


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