Hi Giovanni,
I know the one you mean. I had all 4 expansion boards for my kn7. ( foolishly I sold KN a couple of years ago). It was a fantastic voice.
Unfortunately your Gem will have a learning curve,it's a very sophisticated arranger.
I ended up with an sd1 at xmas, had to read the manual 3 times before I started to work it out. Some keyboards are harder to learn than others.
Bought a PSR1500 a couple of days ago, & I've got most of the basic stuff worked out.
( I did own a 9000pro a few years ago, so maybe that helped) The Psr's are a bit closer to how the kn's worked.

You may be safer & waste less time if you get familiar with the gem operating system. You have the comfort of knowing it can load samples, & you may be able to record your soprano voice in the future.

There are software options you should be able to use if the gem doesn't actually sample.

best wishes

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[B]Thanks for your reply Rikki ,
best wishes

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