I have seen VA-3 today. But I do not know three questions. can you help me?:

1. It requires you to load the entire MIDI file into memory before it can play the file?. If so, with very large files VA·3 won't load the entire file and therefore can't play it.. is ok?.

2. If you have used the auto accompaniment patterns in your recording, do you will not get all the notes from the backup parts if you convert the file to a Standard MIDI file?. When the file is converted, are the backup parts (guitar, bass, drums etc) recorded as a block chord only?

3. If you decide to create your file as a Standard MIDI file from the start, allow you VA3 to use the auto accompaniment patterns?. or you will have to do pure 16-track recording?. Is to hook the VA·3 up to an external computer the only way to get the individual parts of the accompaniment as a Standard MIDI file?

If VA·3 is bad in that, what keyboard is better in same ranger of price?