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#303118 - 01/03/01 06:32 AM [Q]: G800 and Cakewalk sequencing
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Newbie alert so please be patient with me.
I've had mixed luck with sequencing - I have a Roland G800 arranger keyboard and Cakewalk ProAudio V8.0 on a Pentium PC. The specific challenges/questions I'm facing currently are:

1) The G800 manual says that Channel A16 is for playing manual drumkit notes (as opposed to Channel A10 which is for the arranger's drum notes). I set Track 16 to Channel 16 and play the drums manually - playback from Cakewalk works fine. However, when I save it as a MIDI Format 0 or Format 1 file and play the sequence directly from the keyboard, the drum tones are replaced by other patches (such as strings) and they (as you may expect) sound horrible. Has anyone else had this problem with the G800? Any suggestions would be very greatly appreciated.

2) The G800 has two sets of MIDI ports (in/out/thru), i.e., A and B which can take 16 channels each. Is there any way of using both of these to sequence music in Cakewalk AND play them back from floppy on the keyboard? It seems B1-B16 are for what is called "recorder" or "song" parts - I'm not sure what that means. But, I would like ideally to sequence 16 + 16 tracks and then play it all back directly from the keyboard. Any thoughts?

3) What is the procedure for applying effects that are available on the keyboard into specific measures in Cakewalk? For example, I would like to apply a delay+chorus on Bars 1-3 of Track 4. I haven't been able to figure out how to do that? Is that through the application of controllers? Again, I'm quite new to MIDI sequencing so this is most probably a pretty dumb question.

That's it for now - thanks in advance for any advice/help.

Best regards for the new year to all,

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#303119 - 01/08/01 05:03 AM Re: [Q]: G800 and Cakewalk sequencing

1.By default the drums are assigned to MIDI Channel 10. Sometimes it is
desirable to have simultaneous access to two drum sets. If we wish to
assign channel 11 to play drums, the complete SYSEX message will be:

F0 41 10 42 12 40 1A 15 02 0F F7

Different Program changes for the drums in Channel 10 and 11 will
allow us to play two different drum sets at the same time.
2.Press record on the G-800 and switch macroeffects in the Mixer. Save song. Load song in Cakewalk and listing SYSEX messeges. Remember numeral and insert where is necessary.


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