I have a Roland G600, a sampler, a Korg synth and a mega problem.

My goal is to have it so that my G600 (with it's in-built floppy disc drive and sequencer) can feed midi information to the sampler and also to the Korg synth all at the same time.

This would mean that I could, for instance, dedicate channel 10 to my sampler (for drum sounds), use tracks 1-5 for synthy sounds (from the Korg) and assign the remaining midi channels to my G600 (for piano/string sounds and so on).

Anyway, the problem is entirely with my Roland. You see, I can easily tell the sampler for example to receive ONLY channel 10 and ingore all other midi information. The same can be said for the Korg. However, the Roland just won't shut up- it plays EVERYTHING!

What I mean is this... for example... if I send midi information from my Roland to say, the sampler, then the sampler will happily play it's sounds on channel 10 BUT the Roland will ALSO play the channel 10 data too. As you can imagine, it all sounds very messy.

Anyway, in short, what I'm asking is this... How do I tell my Roland to NOT PLAY midi information on a specific range of channels? Remember, I want to dedicate a few channels to my Roland for piano/strings and so on, so a few channels would have to remain on.

Incase you didn't know, the G600, although a bit cheaper is pretty much the same as a G1000, so whatever works for that will probably work for this. I really hope someone out there can be good enough to help me out.

Many thanks. Can't tell ya how much this means to me! Toot toot!