Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question, but for what it's worth my question is as follows.

Where can a person find note for note keyboard music transcriptions/sheet music for pop/rock music? Note for note in this case means - how it was actually played on the original recordings.

I am teaching myself the keyboard and so far all sheet music I have found for songs I am interested in learning are renditions that do not faithfully follow the original recordings of the artists.

For instance: I love the old Beatles songs and there are a few of their songs that have what I think are interesting piano pieces that I would like to learn and play.

However I find that any sheet music I have obtained for the songs are just similar to the recordings in the best cases and in the worst cases not even close to the way the piano was played on the original recordings. The sheet music always seems to be someone's interpretation and not how it should be played.

I played guitar for years and with little effort a guitarist can find very acurate note for note transcriptions for guitar, that match exactly with the original artists work. In other words you can throw on the CD and play along. I have not found that with piano/keyboard material.

If anyone has any information - especailly for the Beatles keyboard peices that give you the recoreded version sheet music for piano I would appreciate the help.

Ken D