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#29661 - 09/04/06 08:08 AM Re: att:AJ (or anyone) please compare these:
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by rikkisbears:
I enjoy reading manuals & I like to try & work out how most things work whether I have a use for the function or not . I'm a bit eccentric haa haa. I drive my poor hubby nuts.

How would you like to learn my Gem Genesys Pro S and
tutor me at the same time? be my "personal trainer"for$$. I am your bizarro opposite: I hate reading manuals, even though I need to learn the functions as a jazz musician, every time I sit down to learn I just wind up finding a nice groove and start playing for hours, procrastinating the learning. You can bring your hubby, who is probably a normal person, and he can talk to my wife, who is also a normal person. we're up in NW Connecticut thru October, then back to Miami. Are you anywhere near either?

Miami Mo
Miami Mo

#29662 - 09/04/06 03:12 PM Re: att:AJ (or anyone) please compare these:
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wish I could help, unfortunately distance could be a bit of a problem, I live in Australia.
Have you tried the store where you bought the Gem. Maybe they could put you onto someone? I used to do a bit of casual work for my local store ie they used to send me clients who needed a quick startup lesson on how the keyboard worked. Within an hour or so they knew the basic functions they required, & I book marked pages in the manual so they could refresh their memory if they forgot how something worked.
A lot of them didn't have the time or patience to read a complete manual, they just needed certain functions.

No matter what keyboard you get, you're going to have a bit of a learning curve as they get more & more sophisticated with each new model.
I had Technics,Roland's, a korg i2, a 9000pro, my most recent is the sd1+ and the only reason I haven't owned a gem is I didn't realize they were actually available here till David ( fom Gem forum) happened to mention it. They all work differently.

I gather from reading some of the posts on the gem forum, it may be a slightly complicated operating system? I've been converting some of old styles across to gem format for Don & Jerry. I think Don's got an XP.
Think carefully before swapping keyboards out of frustration in trying to learn the operating system, what you swap for may not be any easier if you're not familiar with it.

best wishes
p.s. have you asked DAvid if he can suggest anyone??
[QUOTE]Originally posted by keysvocalssax:

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best wishes
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